Book of agares question

So I’m right now creating one for baneful magick. But I was thinking of ideas for other books. And I remembered s.connolly’s book says you can use a different demon for the purpose of your book. But it just says how to create “agares oil”

So call me stupid for asking this but. If I used a different spirit. Would I just make a different oil specifically for them you think? Or should I still use the agares oil. Then again I feel that would be chaotic somehow.

Because another book I want to make is a lust book considering friends of mine ask me to do stuff like that for them ( and I can never lie if I made that book I’d use it for myself at least once :rofl:) so I thought I’d have something fast and quick like that. But I’d use the demon asmodeus. Would I therefor use an oil for asmodeus? I know that may sound stupid of a question but I’m legitimately curious because it doesn’t mention that about oils in the book from what I see.

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I would make adjustments as my intuition led me and as I could afford.

I wasn’t able to get all of the ingredients for the oil for Agares and still had a wonderful experience with the working and the journal.

My experience leads me to believe you can probably just adjust according if you feel led to, this particular oil was designed with Agares in mind, so if you won’t be using him, it doesn’t make sense to use an oil dedicated (essentially) to him, unless the properties correspond with what you want to do anyways.

S. Connolly does have recipes for oils for many entities, (she has lots of books and some of her projects take several books to complete) there may be a more appropriate recipe, but I usually have to acquire the ingredients she calls for and often make substitutions based on what I have or can get and I do not have issues.

Most of her work is designed to be used by individuals that can use their intuition and communicate with entities, so you shouldn’t have any problems if you follow your gut.

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Yeah like my gut says stuff like use a pink book for lust. Red paint ect. I love how my intuition guides me when doing magick. Or perhaps it’s even the entity sometimes I think. Instructing me

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Another question for you considering you worked witn this before. Would you say perhaps if a particular job is not suited for agares he would somehow employ the help of another entity? Or would it just not happen because this baneful book I’m making with agares.

I have a feeling for certain things other spirits might get employed somehow then again I don’t know if he has that kind of authority. But I picked agares because the booklet says that was like the default or. No bad word lol. Generic spirit as agares gave her the idea. So I’m sure agares will be suited for this book. If not I can just start over and choose a new spirit in another book.

I’m asking because I honestly never heard of agares associated with baneful energies. Yet again I don’t really know him too well so I’m not sure.

I’m sure agares wouldn’t have any issues with a purpose of baneful magick but again I’m not sure.


I used the book for all magic I did for about two years- baneful, love, healing. I worked with several systems of magic, djinn and angels during that time as well.

I would say the book is an extension of your will, so it has not much to do with Agares after it is consecrated and empowered, (which is really what you call upon him to do- charge and empower it) and more about what you desire to make happen, or what it is you will things to be etc.

Imop, I could have missed a beat of course :grinning:

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Wait. If it doesn’t have much to do with agares does that just mean agares is helping to empower the book or :thinking:


I’d say it doesn’t need to be. I never charged it again either after the first time, I essentially made it my intention that the book was indeed an extension of my divine self and will, so everything I would write in it had to be successful as it was a tool for essentially telling my divine self: hey this is what we are doing.

Or at least that is how I used it.

I can’t recall Connolly’s usage recommendations tbh so I could have taken it completely out of context or wrong, but I actually used it like it was indeed a physical tool to exert my divine will with.