Book forum

What are thoughts and the chances for a forum dedicated to discussing the myriad of on topic books out there? Such as each thread is created by a member with the title such as a “The Black Book of Azathoth” thread (like the one in general chatter), or “Initiation Into Hermetics”, etc. , like what they have over at WF except here. There are so many great books out there that are worthy of being quoted and discussed I thought it would be nice to have a forum dedicated exclusively to that topic here. I have read plenty of great books on magic and the occult that have myriads of info worth discussing, as I’m sure many others here have as well. Threads on a single book could be a great place to pick apart and discuss various quotes and ideas from the book.

I’d like that, but Timothy did say he wasn’t really into making new sections on this forum as it may be upgraded to new software at some point. This was when I asked him about a Member’s Journals section, which I think would totally revolutionise how people use the forum and also mean that it becomes clearer to new magicians what a journey (and empowering, exciting adventure) magick can be.

I don’t know what his time-scale is, and don’t want to nag the poor guy - he’s busy enough without random Brits ear-aching him for stuff. :slight_smile:

But I will mention it again next time we talk about the forum and also, I kept a list of the requested new sections, so if/when the upgrade happens I’ll have that to give him, and he can decide what fits his vision.