Book for additional digging

Found this while digging around
“A Manual of Khshnoom
The Zoroastrian Occult Knowledge”

Not sure of the copyright status not to be safe refraining from links but it pops up easy enough through a google search. Seems to be only an ebook but is readily available at quite a few sites. Didnt see any options on purchasing it so it may just be floating around.

Gonna do some digging and see what i can extract from it.


Dark staot is based on inverse Kshnoom methodology and ideology. It is science.


I thought that may be the case when i was going through the chapter list in the book. Taking the suggestion you give in the book of digging into the Avestan works to see what i can extract for later use.


I was actually introduced to it by a Mobed living in Iran. You would be surprised to find out how many Zarathustrian Magi perform Ahrimanian work.