Bones seem to be The Crossroads, The Gateway that connects Matter and Spirit. Anyone feels that way about them? There was quite some time I was intrigued about them. I realized they can both condense and sublimate energy. Soul Dive through them yields me wide and deep results.

Seems that the leg bones are about stability. The femur is about spiritual stability, the shin bones seems to be about mental stability and the foot ones about material/physical stability. The ribs seems to be about who you are and the skull seems to be both about your mind and spirit. The arm bones seems to be about the present time (the here and now) and action (well, action can only happen in the here and now). Last, the colunm bones seems to be a bridge between planes, from the densest to the subtlest.

Seems also that if you can make the geist, the essence of something flow through your bones, you incorporate that essence in yourself (ring a bell, vampires? also, this seems to be great to learn new stuff, apprimorate your gnosis)

An exercise Im enjoying to practice is this:

Focus in your bones and turn them from solid to liquid. This is releasing alot of muscle tensions and releasing energy blocks, and even putting some stuff in the proper place.

Sorry for the bad-written thread, Im really lazy to make something more organized, but I hope this helps somehow. If you have experience with bones, please share :). Thank you!