This September, I tried to perform divination with bones. I read into the esoteric implications of each component and curio of my set. It was small and I couldn’t do it. It felt fake to me. Like I was forcing it. Fast forward to last week. I decided to take a crack at it again, as I’ve been working with the Lwa. I walked outside and gathered items that I felt like I needed in my set. Peach pits, old pork bones, etc. I also painted some pistachio shells black and white, bought a pair of dice, and incorporated some animal teeth that I took when I was hunting a few years back. I gathered all of these knick knacks in a blue velvet bag and called Papa Legba an Damballah and asked them to charge it for me. I opened the bag and spilled the contents over their veve’s and Papa Legba explained to me what the meanings of each item could be interpreted as. But he stressed that it was important to let the curios and bones speak to you, not just assign interpretations like tarot. So I charged the set for four days and after the charging ritual on the fourth night, I took the bag outside with a cigar at 3:00AM and fed it and told it what I wanted it to do. The moon was full so I also gave it a pinch of that good ol’ lunar energy. Tonight I cast the bones for the first time since September, and I think this may be one of the most accurate divination I’ve ever done. Does anyone else use the bones?


That sounds very interesting. That’s awesome that your results were so accurate. I have not used them yet

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Why not give them a try? It feels so mystical casting the bones :crystal_ball:


Yes I’m going to look into this …

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