Bonding with Incubus Guide

I have a spirit guide who is an incubus. He was actually the first guide to make contact with me and he’s my most trusted guide. We do not have a sexual relationship, I feel he doesn’t want that. All I see on here when searching for information on incubi though is for ones practitioners are in intimate relationships with lol So here I am with this post.

I’m trying to find ways to strengthen our connection. I’m very dense/slow when it comes to abilities. I spent so long just reading and studying, that I’ve only been practicing meditation and energy work pretty recently (the last few months or so). I feel he has to expend a lot of energy to communicate with me since I’m not very open yet.

Is there anything I can do to connect us a bit more? Also, anything to help restore his energy after he uses a lot of it? He recently helped a friend of mine and my usual blood offerings aren’t seeming to get him back up to what he normally is very quickly.

(Also I will continue practicing energy work, meditating, and working on my chakras daily. I’m hoping for something specifically to help strengthen our bond it connection despite my abilities or lack of lol)

Thanks for any help!


Also please let me know if I need to give anymore info. I’m very new at posting on forums like this so I’m probably going to be awkward and dumb lmao

You need to care about him in a way according to your nature. If you don’t know your nature, he and your higher self may help you to discover it

I’m not sure how that works. Does this site have a messaging feature? I’m really not tech savvy :joy:

I do care about him quite a bit, and I’d say the way I feel about him does line up pretty well with my nature. I was hoping for some techniques or exercises I could practice, or maybe a ritual I could perform for us

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Sadly, there is not much material about spirit sex. I only know one book about such thing, which is “Sexual Alchemy” or something like that by Donald Tyson, but he talks shit about demons (he says that they smell like shit). Most of the material I’ve found is from personal experiences of practitioners of spiritual sex, which can be found if you use the search button. Then, if your nature is not creating rituals by yourself, just like it would be cooking a dinner and putting candles, and it is not feeding your incubus what he by nature eats (although they can eat other kinds of energy, but they are not as fulfulling for them), then I don’t know.


That’s where I’m sort of stuck. I assumed he’d thrive best off of sexual energy, but he does not want a special relationship with me. He was assigned to work with me, and after a while he and I did start to desire something sexual but I was hesitant because of my fiance. Something happened and I ended up hurting my guide’s feelings and he set his boundary. He now views me more like family, still dedicated but nothing sexual. I’m not sure where to go from here

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Sexual relationship with me* oops I’m tired :skull:

I had a couple relationships with humans while having succubi and incubi with me and I didn’t have any problem, thus I don’t have the required experience to help you, plus in my culture fiances don’t exist

It’s a bit odd for us. We are relatively open in the bedroom but we have our rules we follow for it to work. One is that we both be involved. He doesn’t believe in anything spiritual so he acts like he’s okay with the incubus and even jokes about it, but I know if he did beleive or had evidence it was real he’d feel it would violate our rules about sex. So I was very torn for a while until the incubus drew the lines in the sand for me. It’s just really complicated lol

Thank you for trying to help me though!

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Hi Jinee

I understand your situation. I have recently met my incubus partner who is also playing the role of my spirit guide. Let me tell you that so much emphasis is put on incubus/succubus being sexual entities but its forgotten that they require and desire to feel loved and cared for and they can also act as amazing guides and mentors if we allow them to. So…you don’t have to force yourself to feel anything or try sexual intimacy if it doesn’t feel comfortable and you don’t feel that urge. It should come naturally. There are ways you can connect to him… Try to focus your attention on him…(just when I am writing this my sweet incubus is touching my hand…and the feeling is so warm and full of love​:blush:). Talk to him as if he is there with you…as you would talk to a human. Then focus and observe any feelings, messages or visuals that come in your mind…emotions you feel… At touches…focus on all this. Focus on how you feel. You can also try automatic writing and tarot or oracle cards to get messages from him. Just open yourself up…sit at a comfortable place…quieten your mind…and focus your attention on your incubus… Shuffle the cards…and draw as many as you feel… Before this let your incubus know that you wish to receive messages from him. Then look at the cards…what are the impressions you get from the imagery…write it down…keep a journal or diary only for your conversations with him. For automatic writing…invite him…let him know you want to communicate and write a question or any line welcoming him to talk to you…relax and let it flow… Keep writing whatever comes to your mind… If it doesn’t make sense …doesn’t matter…try it each time…he will in some way be able to convey his thoughts, messages and feelings to you. Your intention and commitment to your bond with him matters.I am an empath, clairsentient, clairaudient and claircognizant…and an intuitive person but I had to discover all these gifts…it didn’t come easy…I worked on myself a lot but it was sure interesting. I wrote all of this…being guided by my incubus sweetheart. He nudged me to help you. All the best dear Jinee​:+1:t2::+1:t2::hugs: