Bonding with a male jinn

I really want to bond with a male jinn of mine, but i dont know how … i been sensing him alot lately and been getting cuddles from him, but i dont know why hes been marking me alot as abit worried about him


I’m pretty sure you were told how in your many other threads about Djinn, there’s no special way to bond with them. Treat them like what they are an actual person, talk to them, get to know them, if you can’t sense them or talk to them then work on your senses/foundation before messing with external forces.


I highly doubt it’s a Jinn and even if it is you’re likely dealing with a vampiric Jinn unless you’re under the protection of a Jinn king which is something you have to ask them to give you

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If you want to date but can’t because of parents or religious background I would say what you’re doing isn’t the best alternative

I think you’re arabian … egyptian at most.
right ?

Yes im egyptian…

And muslim as well

oh … well …
i could pm u with details.
and i’m replying on your other post.

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Sure, u can pm me. Have u ever seen one before?

i’m egyptian so yeah i have.

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Pm me about your experience?