I’ve read a few posts lately (not recent ones) that I feel the need to clear the air on with you guys… Lucifer and Satan are not even remotely close to being the same entity. They’re vastly different. It’s in my experience with Lucifer that they don’t particularly like each other either. So, please respect both beings and stop tying the two in with each other. Not trying to start a fight, I’m open to all interpretations. But I’m sure any of those close with Lucifer know that they aren’t the same. If you feel the need to clarify, ask him. He will be glad to tell you himself. I’m almost positive someone has touched on this before, and I’m also quite sure that it opens a can of worms each time. But I felt that it needed to be reiterated. Once again, if you feel the need to argue this matter, simply ask him yourself.

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People seriously still mix those two together?
My experience is that most people here know they are two different entities.

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I’m not too sure how prevalent it is now, I just seen some things that ruffled my feathers a bit. Lol.

We can blame religion for that one (as well as hollywood). I usually recommend people who believe two spirits are one and the same to evoke both (either the same time or otherwise) to come up with their own conclusions. Planning on doing that with Belial and Pan to test a theory that they may be, or at the very least the Greeks associated Belial with Pan (as Belial is referenced in Greek as Beliar, which translates to “lord of the forest”). But anyone who does this needs to remember to drop their expectations at the door and let the experience do the talking


I agree. 100%. Keep us updated on that one, I’d really like to hear how that goes! I’ve heard that they’re the same before as well. But my experiences with both spirits are slim.

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I mean I don’t even believe Satan is a being but a title and changes overtime within the Infernal Nation who is under Lucifer the King of the Infernal. However, it is what is it lol. I never exactly cared for the mix up between Lucifer and whoever holds the title satan and whatever given time appointed. I normally only get salty when Demons and Gods are mixed up, that stuff makes me facedesk.

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I agree, but I also disagree. Satan has been used as a term for an adversary. But, I think that the name represents a single being as well. Who that being is, well that’s up for debate. I just know it’s not Lucifer :joy: Hell, we are all technically “Satan,” to something or someone.

Lol yeah I don’t believe it’s Lucifer and true there lol my friend’s mom called me Satan once when I was 14 :laughing: