Boleskine ruins for sale


Meanwhile, Notre Dame is burning. What a shame. Massive fire breaks out in Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris | Fox News

At first I thought they were selling literal pieces of it - I would’ve bought one.

If I lived in Scotland I’d probably drive there and look at it; not trespass or anything of course :grin:

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I’d like to have one of those lampposts. :slightly_smiling_face:

I thought it was ‘runes’. There is other thread that is my loggings but I always read as my ‘leggings.’


I read runes as well

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Well, you could always go break off a piece of wood from Boleskine and have a set of runes made from that, a unique one of a kind set of Boleskine runes saturated with the spirits of Crowley’s Abramelin working and whatever Jimmy Page whipped up while there.


Speaking of ruins, meanwhile back in France . . .

So, Crowley’s old home is for sale…

Sadly, that stuff would sell:

Boleskine Runes.

“Infused with the emanations of Aleister Crowley; nourished by the mysteries of Loch Ness and tempered by the proficient and careful crafting of Asatru Mystic; Shadrack Horsehead.”


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