Bodybuilding magick square!

Warning long read.

I spent a little time making this with VARIOUS different energies that will help you explode in the gym. You will notice more motivation, more adrenaline, endurance, aggressiveness, pumps and the list goes on as well as assistance in massive gains. Sounds too good to be true perhaps it sounds like I should sell workout supplements then lmao.

I will go in depth how I designed it, how I empowered it ect. So this is the square.

So each of those numbers have significance in relations to muscle building and some of it sounds pretty sinister but very well effective. And I also will be using it and will later post my experiences below. I’d love to hear your’s too.

So let’s go over what the numbers mean so you have a better idea what you’re getting yourself into and some of it is going to sound crazy.

I color coded most of them for this reason.

  • So the top and bottom 3 rows are numbers which correlates to letters and those letters spells out the name of a different popular synthetic anabolic steroid. Now it goes a bit deeper in each few numbers in those sections will decrypt to something like “will simulate the properties of (steroid name)” without the negative side effects meaning the same energies and properties from these steroids are contained in this square. Just the ones that are actually there for the reason someone would take anabolics lol so no liver damage or other crazy side effects. I’d say the worst maybe would be a headache from the square over all. This will spit some insane energy into you and you will feel it. So in a nut shell these numbers basically are giving you the good effects of each anabolic steroid. Maybe not as strong but I’d say fairly close, and by not as strong I don’t think you’ll have 60 pounds of muscle in 3 months or anything crazy lol. That would be crazy.

  • Now the red numbers bring some of the energies and properties of selective androgen receptor modulators or SARMS which are somehwat related to steroids. Most of these numbers though will be responsible for secretion of natural growth hormone and maybe some pumps in the gym. Nothing as crazy as above. As well as natural testosterone elevation.

  • the blue numbers actually connect to the gene in your body known as the ACTN3 gene. This code will stimulate the ACTN3 gene.

    Courtesy of Google :grinning:.

  • you will find some black numbers as well that will channel different planetary energies as well related to the cause for power, strength and muscle tissue.





How did I empower this? I contacted azazel and asked him to not only bestow these energies through means of consecration/enchanting but whooped the energies up full throttle so you get the best experience of working out, adrenaline and endurance and more. Maybe I should pitch workout supplements lol.

You won’t fail a drug test lol. You aren’t injecting illicit chemicals you’re simulating what they all do but in a natural way.

You’re simulating what the iconic dangerous yet affective compounds such as anavar and dbol might do to an extent since it’ll all happen naturally. But don’t let that make you walk away because everything will kick into full throttle once you start working out.


ok so you can do one of two things you can save or screenshot and crop the square above and gaze into it and I’ll tell you how to open this in a second. Or you can open it the more potent way which is to print it out and bind your blood or other dna sample to the paper.

When does it ware off? When you don’t need use of the energies anymore. Essentially when you’re done with working out.

They both will involve the same visualization so don’t worry.

Let’s start with the paper copy so you will print that out above cause I’m sure you don’t want to write all that down and I mean you can. I literally typed and moved each number individually on Snapchat as an editor on that graph lol and it took me like 5-10 minutes mainly because I had paper and I was crossing out each planet and number ect at the same time.

So once you have a paper copy of this square you’ll proceed to put any dna you wish on it (personally I never heard of EVERY dna like waste but do you🤣) and don’t worry because if you can only do it the digital way it’s just as strong just this should work faster.

You now have this so before you start your workout or before you goto the gym. Sit down with this square and meditate on the energies of it. Feel it’s power radiating off of it. Now close your eyes and slowly inhale and as you inhale visualize a golden white light coming out of the square as a trail into your body lighting it up. I’d say repetition is up to you with this I’ll have to experiment more on this.

Begin your workout and as you start you should feel everything slowly kick in. More energy ect.

Now the digital method so save this image into your phone of the square and at the gym or wherever in the bathroom or something do the same meditation until you feel ready to start your workout. Easy enough. But still very potent and powerful.

Disclaimer: yes this will give you a HUGE hand in the gym but still include your diet and it still takes hard work.

My suggestion is meditate on this square once before and after every workout. I’m going to experiment with this for a week or so and come back with my experiences. Difference in PR’s perhaps or something. Whatever happens happens.

Well if you have any questions comment them down below and I will try to answer them the best I can. Thank you for reading this!

Like I said if you’re expecting to blow up into a huge 290 pound surplus in muscle gains in 6 weeks that won’t happen unless you’re indeed taking some strange PED that I never heard of in my entire life. I’d say you could easily build a few pounds of muscle with this depending on your diet, exercise routine and over all health and body type.


with the help of azazel we created a strong magick square that you can use in your workouts to give you that extra boost and still be natty😂

Extra Motivation.
Boost in natural testosterone and growth hormone.
Mild to moderate adrenaline boost.
Boost in aggression. (Not roid rage don’t worry lol)
Increased muscle growth. And more benefits but these sum it up pretty much.

Disclaimer: any compounds(performance enhancing drugs) I have named I don’t condone trying them. They’re not fun. Therefor I made a safer, just as effective (almost. Read above. )alternative that’ll make you happy but won’t kill you or your health down the road😂


Will give it a try soon


Very cool, I’ll also give it a try soon👍🏻

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tommorow i have leg day,i ll give a try


Thx man, I just meditate on it 2 min × 4 (between my workout series) and I did 7 more reps than usualy

And I really wasn’t on the mood to blast my perf today, I had to say that I was stuck on the same rep/weight for many month, even when back in time I ate more ! :avocado::cut_of_meat::watermelon:
I look forward for when I’ll do the back, that’s dope


Last night at work I tested it since I work at a gym but I didn’t necessarily work out with it cause it was like 4 am. But I hovered my hand over it and pushed my energy in then I exhaled and took energy from it through my palm. It almost felt like smelling salts for like a minute now idk if that would happen for everyone but hey lol


didnt work for me but,i was with poor sleep and very fatiqued from back day(2 days before).
im sure needs time to work.
Good job anyway👍


Imma try this


I just tried it… i felt a surge of energy and was able to complete my workout in a much shorter time than usual. I also did not doubt myself or wanted to quit halfway so yeah. It works for me. Thanks yo!


Seems I have not posted my own experience below yet lol. Today is Wednesday starting Friday I will workout using the square Friday. Saturday and Sunday to see what happened in only 3 days. I’m not really looking to post workout results so much as results of the square itself.

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Will be working with this! I used to weightlift pretty regularly before depression hit from my divorce and Ive been looking to get back into it all again!

Ill post my results on motivation and energy (i also suffer from chronic fatigue).



I will be using this is in the gym starting next week for a few months. I’ll come back here after and discuss how things went. No before and after photos lmao I mean I’ll discuss in WORDS.

Yes I know I procrastinate sometimes on threads but I’m a gym freak so let’s get jacked together :skull:


For those that this doesn’t work well for. I thank you for trying. At least I motivated you to jump in the gym a bit tho that’s something to be happy about​:nerd_face: but like I said above I’m gonna put this to a full good few months in the gym. Gonna really give this a chance to do it’s work. And I’ll let you guys know how it goes :grin:


I suffer from Chronic fatigue syndrome too. I can strongly recommend working with either Ebuhuel in Angels of Omnipotence or Zulummar in Necronimocon spellbook. Both are equally effective. They don’t cure the CFS, but at least get you back to normal as long as you work with them.
The genius spirit Verrine is also good for this. Did her pathworking from David Thompson’s book Daemons of high magick and got much better for a while.
Other than that, freeze dried adrenal gland powder got me back, but only as long as I ate it. It may be hormones left in the powder that does the trick, and one should be really careful disturbing the hormonal system.

Hope you get better!

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I like the power

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Looks great! Where did you learn to do this, and especially to ask Azazel to bless them?

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I feel mighty! I am Mighty. I am euphorically blissful. Norse.

I am practising this magick Mightily now to the next 10 months.

I’ve seen some good results for energy and drive during workouts, it’s too early to see much in the way of gains but I feel stronger and can hold my isometrics longer.
I’m currently experimenting with listening to an audio track I’ve made from turning the square into audio, along with some sigils representing the benefits of some strong anabolics. I’ve converted some other sigils and seals to audio as part of the same track to empower it, inspired by a couple of threads here where Goetia sigils were converted to audio for use during workings. It’s too early on for much apart from feeling some really strong energy in general during daily use, I’ll test it during proper workouts and see how it goes.


Oh yes magical Tren.

Will do with my planche tomorrow, thank you.