Body swap

hi does anyone know how to swap bodies

Let me guess - you want something someone else has, so you want to swap bodies with him.

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no i want to know how it is to be someone else i will swap with anyone

… why?

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its something new you dont want to see the world with the eyes if something else ?

It sounds like you are talking about forced possession. It’s possible and dangerous, and is most often used by powerful mages upon death to jump into another body.

It is NOT a party trick where you can just jump from body to body. It is not a “body swap” so much as a forced taking of a body and it can lead to soul death.


It’s called Astral Travel or Dream Travel or Soul Travel, take your pick. Otherwise no i don’t want to see the world from the eyes of another human, you’re still seeing the world the same way, you impose yourself onto that person and will still have the same personality so it won’t change anything.

Now talking to spirits and seeing what they see is very different but that is also not a party trick and means you need to be dedicated even a little. For example a Daemon isn’t going to waste the time and effort if you just want it for shits and giggles, they want you to Ascent.

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I think he might be wondering if it can be done with someone who is aware and taking part as well. Like some Freaky Friday type stuff but both are in on it.

I don’t think that’s possible without a third person orchestrating it and I would NOT trust ANYONE who volunteered to be said Mod. Period.


Iam not understanding can you explain

Do you know how to do it

Then I misunderstood

So you are saying you don’t mind it possibly killing the other party and you being stuck?

From what he said it’s a permanent thing and you’d be forcing another person out of their body, ie killing them.

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You do you and if you find someone willing to truely die cool but why?

There are so many ways to “see new things” why don’t you just lerk this forum a little and grow?


Yes, I know how to do it.

Also, it isn’t just killing the other person by forcing them from their body. It’s considered highly dangerous because the body is rightfully theirs, so they will fight to keep it. If you are not a very powerful adept of black magick, then they will destroy you as an invading spirit. And even if you are a powerful adept, the chance of losing is still very very real.

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One of my teacher who is a giant in his own right told us that even now some native American tribes posses some magical herbs where two person can consciously swap their bodies. Also there is a thing called ‘’ degree of identification ‘’ which basically means if one identifies to the other person’s body let’s say 80% then the world will think there is about 20%wrong with how he is behaving today. If the identification is high even you, who is possessing will start to like-dislike, feel like the person who’s body you are currently in.


That explains my father’s visitation the night of his death… Now I really know - thank you.

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Can you tell me the methode

Yyyuuuuupppp. Been on the receiving end of the whole skull fucked from the Spirit realm thing. I was still a noob pretty much. Got it out :+1:

Not nice. :face_with_head_bandage: Not nice at all. Spirits can be bullies :frowning:

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So the closer your biological relation to them is, the easier it is to possess them?!

I didn’t get exactly what you mean by biological relationship , and how it will help one to possess someone. But more the astral body identifies with the possessed physical body, more will he (the one possessing) will start to act, like-dislike, feel like the person / host’s character/personality.

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