Body possesion sigil

So shortly after I made this his sigil I realize the language I use was not a real language and was from the Elder scrolls series remake a new sigil and post it one shortly using a different language I will still leave the original sigil up for to redesign it

Premise behind the sigil would be a sort of a binding I found the person that is being possessed align your spirit or your astral body to take over their body for a length of time under a binding kind of like binding a spirit to an object the same premise applies here except it is on a person you could say it would be on their astral body or their soul allowing you to take over and their body without rejection,

I’ll get started on making a new sigil

Don’t see why you need to make a new one. If the existent one works, it works!

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Haven’t found anyone that I would want to test the sigil on or anyone that would want to test the sigil out, with me, figured this would be the best place to post it and test it out

Could this be used to bind the person to a specific demon through your own energy??

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Ideally I think you could you take the Sigil of possession sigil of the demon you wish to work with and the image of the person and and then begin the Binding ritual


Here’s the alternate version of the sigil of possession
Hope you guys like let me what. You thing of this one i really like this one a lot


I’m not sure I recognize the writing around the circle. Where is it from? it reminds me a bit of the Grimoirum Verium.

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I really do not understand what it does. Can it not be used only to take over body instead of spirit too?


The frist part of wirting is Enochian and it say become as one and the other part is angol-saxon runes and it say Transference of consciousness the last part ia in enochian and say “soul”

The two sigil above can be use body possesion, as well binding a spirt or demon or angle to a person, I also think this could be helpful for any sort of binding rite the sigil are multifunctional


I tried but no possession occurs

sorry for long reply, what sigil did you try out, also did you soul travel into the person body, and where they dreaming or awake

Oh wow! You made that all on your own?? Very interesting sigil! I think you did a great job👍


I used it to get a demon to possess my body

oh really how long did it last for

baw Thank you!!! <3 <3 <3

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it did not work

you said you use to get a demon to possess your body
if you want later on in the day for me i can try and make a new sigil that might work better for you and that would be better for Demons to possess a body

that was my intent, but it didn’t work. Sorry for not explaining properly

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your fine love i will try and help when i can, it might later on in the day for me but i for sure try and help you out if can

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