Body markings a coincidence?

I have a birthmark but its a shape of a little cat paw, idk if it sounds weird but can a birthmark give a clue to something deeper about me I dont know about? Ever since I was young I have always been protected by a power. A positive one. Heres one example, whenever I am in any place or situation, nothing happens to me or when I was in a car ccident with my family, and I never got a scratch, while on the other hand my bro and dis were not as lucky as I was. Nothing too serious though. I have had a feeling of presence whenever I go somewhere from stores to parks etc. Like I am not a person to be friends with everybody but I show respect to everybody regardless. I dont do drugs( anymore) used to smoke weed or pop pills. Been clean for two years. Even people that dont know me eant to be my friends, or beautiful women give me looks that are like dam chill. Im ok looking I think. Anyways back to the cat paw, I have no other markings on my body, but this one is perfectly a cat paw, what do cats simbolize or can anyone help with this?

Might mean a lot or it may mean absolutely nothing at all, dude! Check dem Tarot cards or runes to see what they have to tell. I have one that looks like a half-moon / claw. Turns out it was from one of my past lives where I got in a shooting (was an army guy), got out of the transportation, stepped on a mine, et voila!

Check websites with birth mark shapes. It is not only the shape the thing to take into consideration, but the place where it is. Good luck!