Body and the Mind

Hello all! I have seen multiple discussions on getting in shape amongst the numerous discussions. I think this is a great idea as a stronger body/core can only seem to benefit working with the mind/body/meditation. I thus propose a 6 week challenge to all whom wish to join starting on Monday. I will attach the details below:

(sorry for all the pics, but can’t attach PDF :frowning: )

Together it should be easier for any who wish to do this, knowing they have others committed to the same. The challenges 1st week seems extremely easy, but it ramps up quickly. You can do more than what the sheet calls for, but I would not do too much as it does become more difficult and to prevent burnouts. Feel free to post your weekly progress and good luck to all.


Thats a wonderful idea :raised_hands: thank you for it.

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So just so I understand, for example, week 1…

Pushups and then it has sets listed under. Does set1 consist of 2 pushups, set 2 consists of 3, etc? Or however many you can do on 60 seconds and we record that number for each set?

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Sets go in order, so for example day 1 pushups, set 1 is 2 piddly pushups. You then get 5-20 second breather and continue with set 2. Continue until all are sets are complete. You get 60 seconds to complete each set. It seems stupid at 2 pushups, but on week 6 the number is quite increased. Seems to be more restrictive in situps then in pushups. When you reach the milestone tests at week 2,4, and 5, it is complete all in that time without any rests.

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No not at all…especially when I haven’t done a single decent pushup since I left the Navy 14 yrs ago :tired_face: I’ll probably need more than the 60 seconds to do the 2. This looks like a good workout and I need to get up and challenge myself.


No worries. As a former FC, I welcome all squids to the challenge :grinning:

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Just a reminder to all the challenge starts today! If you need better sheets for the proposed exercises let me know and i’ll message you them. Good luck all!

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I don’t have a bike but can walk to work and back. At least a mile one way, and I walk fast on average.
The rest, I’m in.

This is similar to Action Hero Fitness Challenge through an old To Shin Do dojo I studied at years ago.

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yeah, walking, running, or elliptical are fine. just have to make calories.

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Failed day 1 and 2. Tomorrow is day 1 again.

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Two months ago I did a 45 day fitness challenge with my order mates. We evoked Spirit Sartmulu as a group and charged him to help us each lose 10-15 lbs safely and sustainably.

Worked like a charm bro Sartmulu is great.

I quit Drinking my coffee with cream and sugar and I lost 13 lbs.

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Don’t worry. You can’t really fail days in week one unless you don’t do them. If you got to take a break, do so. It’s better to do it correctly then quickly. You got this.

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Week 1 Complete! Here are my numbers. If you don’t feel comfortable sharing weight that’s ok, but there is no judgement as this is just an activity to better ourselves. At the end if you can complete this you have accomplished something that you can build on after.

Great topic!

I recently went through a phase of Stabilization; I needed my mind and my life to feel secure so I can expand more consistently.

Since I’ve been living in a group setting with two immunocompromised people and I had yet to get vaccinated, I had stopped exercising, and I could see both mind and body unhappy. I took to hiking in the mountains in the morning; it paid off each time I went. But I stopped going.

I just so happened to move 2 hours away from everyone I know (part of the Stabilization process) and joined a local gym.

I was motivated and excited to be back in the gym as I’m partial to strength training as I train both my mind and body in Disciplines of Focus! But I’ve notice how much muscle I’ve lost, and that upset me, but it also gave me an idea to train intuitively instead of a strict regimen, and so I did.

My Disciplines are fluid and flamboyant like the smoke and flicker of flame. Once I started training intuitively, I learned exactly what parts of my body were weak, and even better- weakest. I zeroed in on these weaknesses as best as I possibly could. They say you can’t spot train, but attacking it from all sides is even better to me. I’d gain so much hidden knowledge about MYSELF. It’s nice to be mystified by the Self. ^^

I wish each of you well on your Path of Discipline.

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Thanks. Best to you as well!

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