BMOA lightning soil

Hey Kurtis I was wondering the construction of the urn is a great and all, but some places it can be hard to find soil that has been struck by lightning.

I was wondering if using fulgurite would suffice, it’s the soil, stone and sand forming into one combined mixed when struck by lightning.

It would still hold the energy and power of the lightning in theory so Kurtis what do you think ?


If i remember right this came up awhile back but went a lil off the rails thread wise. But with regards to this i would think a few grams of it with the other elements and potting soil would work.

If you have any forests within walking or driving distance you may wanna go for a hike for past struck trees.

I thought this would be a hard component to get and with the week i started getting the basic elements a tree in my apt complex was struck and i for 4 more that had old strike marks in the woods behind the complex.

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I understand that this is an old post, but thank you both for addressing it. I’ve been preforming the Ignition of the Black Sun for 17 days so far and forward thinking towards the materials of the Nexion have brought up this very issue.

I live in an area where lightning strikes very infrequently. Living very close to a national park, I thought that asking the rangers could produce some results since they’d need to ensure strikes didn’t cause fires ect. So far every avenue I’ve considered hasn’t born any fruit and I was considering the validity of substituting Fulgurite and how much would be needed.

I will still seek out struck trees and venture into the woods, but knowing that I can obtain Fulgurite as an alternative is heartening.


I purchase 2K of Volcanic ash, and i received it, Volcanic ash is incredibly powerful because it was exposed to massive explosions from deep within the volcano and also passes through electrical storms created by the massive volcanic eruptions even Pyroclastic clouds, don’t get much for 80 dollars.

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