Blunt and cum

So I was wondering if I rolled my man a blunt with honey inside and my cum on the outside, do you think it would make my man sweeter towards me and super loving ? Any tips or advice. I just thought of this randomly but wasn’t too sure


I think it would make it not burn for shit and if it DID by some miracle burn (which it probably won’t ) it’ll taste like shit. . Do a honey jar spell (or another binding spell - there are many to choose from) and get it over with. And then smoke that regular blunt and get ON it!!


Lol okay thank you :blush::+1:


Try some different herbs that will burn and just use a tiny amount


I think the sexual fluid would be powerful enough without the honey. Make sure upon orgasm you are focusing on your desired outcome and transfer that energy into it. Just put a little bit on the inside of the blunt wrap the day or hours before you roll it so it dries. It wont interfere with the burning.


Awesome thank you so much . That’s what I was thinking of just letting it dry out. My man and I have put honey on our blunts to make it burn slower , so I think I’ll still give it a shot .


To be honest if my woman rolled my a blunt and put some honey and cum anywhere on me I’m be happy no magic required


Venus cakes are said to work better for this.


??? Did somebody say cake lol. What are those


It’s an Old World love spell. Essentially a woman creates a magickal cake made with her menses baked in. It is fed to her target, willingly or unwillingly, to bind them to the caster. There is a bit more to it, but as I am a male I can’t really comment further on it.


Oh thats just some nasty shit :joy::joy::joy:


Yep, it is nasty, and not in the way you think. It is a most potent form of love/blood magick, not to be taken lightly. Everybody wants to burden Sitri and Dantalion, nobody wanting to bake some cakes…


I can be so wrong, but the one thing I notice here is that so many think the demons and entities are stronger then the power within ourselves… and its not true at all. Great to work with and learn from, especially for after our death, but while on this plane, there are much more powerful forms of magick then relying on entities


Absolutely, and in most cases I feel they want you to grow, even if we don’t always appreciate their methods.


This ia why i go to them to learn how to use my own power.


Holy crap!! A blunt will burn with honey on it!? I never knew! How does it taste?


If you want the blunt to be smoother and less harsh on your lungs honey helps at all , you can’t really taste it too much .

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How exactly do feed cake to someone unwillingly? Mind boggles!

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puts on mad scientist coat and shakes out hair


Using personal sympathetic element in this way has the potential to bind up your energys with theres in extreme way. Hence “binding” love spell. May not always go well.

Okay so the basic idea is you are charging this cake/pie/dessert with sympathetic elements some of them from you (the menses for example). This concept goes beyond “LOVE” spells.

If you have any herbs you are adding poweder the infernal hell out of them.
So depending on the dish what you will want to do is put any solid or liquid sympathetic items into the wet half of the ingredients in SMALL AMOUNTS like half a tea spoon,it will be fine. There is NO need to put so much it corrupts the flavor of the food.

If you feel it adds to the ritual you can mix said ingredients for a number of minutes that correspond to the work. After mixing strain out any large herbs,crystals ect from the mix. Combine wet and dry ingredients according to desired recipe.

Stop just before you pop said desert in the oven.

:point_up_2: It is at this point
That if you have any addition energies you want to charge this batter with in ritual you do so. Afterward bake to recipe serve to target and enjoy.

Alternatively you could charge said elements in ritual before mixing in wet ingredients.

Fun tip You can also use this kind of magic on yourself! Same as poppet magic, it can be used for self alchemy or for manifestaion

Tears off lab coat and faces lightning storm

Enjoy. :slight_smile:


I meant it’s CAKE! It’s an essential food! Water, oxygen, CAKE, maybe Co Fe Ee (undiscovered element) but we are talking CAKE.

No one unless they’ve been dropped on their heads at birth refuses CAKE.