Blue Ray meditation

Been doing this for a week now 10 minutes daily.

Feeling a… “thing” on the third eye area throughout the day.

Want to see how it’ll be the next week.

When using this technique or any other, how will I know my third eye is finally open? Am I even suppossed to know to begin with?

The term “opening your third eye” is a bit of misnomer because your third eye is already open, as are all of your chakras. If they weren’t. you’d be dead, because your life force flows through them every moment of your life. While there can be emotional or physical blocks that hinder the flow of energy, they are never closed.

What you are doing is developing your third eye so that more power can flow through it unhindered. Think of it like developing a muscle. The more you use it, the stronger it gets.

How will you know if you are succeeding? Your intuition will skyrocket, you will begin to have psychic flashes, and you will be able to project your power through it to command.

Edit to add: By command, I mean, you can literally use it to command lesser beings. In one book of qi gong I read, a student tested his third eye by projecting his power through it upon an ant and commanded the ant not to move and it literally froze in place, its antennae dancing around in panic.

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Darkest knight, I can’t really excess indigo candle. Because am living in some rural area. Is there another recommended candle color besides indigo. Because white candle is what I can only get from here

No. The blue ray meditation requires an indigo or a blue candle. Actual indigo is hard to find everywhere, but you should be able to find a blue candle somewhere. Even a scented one will work.