Blue ray meditation candles

I will be doing the blue meditation but kinda confuse about what kind of candles to use.
Also,I wear spectacles so should I wear it during the meditation or do it with bare eyes?

Some pictures are attached of the options available.Please suggest.

Those will work great, i use basicly the same, perhaps a little sarier hur on colour, but Usama what you can get.
I wear glasses aswell but tend to remove them i less i need them. If i do scrying or wanna meditate on sigils i can still look at them and see fairly ok and i try to picture the them in my mind anyway. And i dont like how the flame may reflexer in the glas or in the steel frame of the glasses, but no right or wrong do what feels best for you.

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Thankyou but do I buy the thicker ones or the long tapered ones or anything will do?

It really doesnt matter pick the once you prefer, i Like long tapered myself but thats only a matter of taste plus they are easier to get in colours i want then block candle.

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okay thankyou so much :smiley:

I bought an indigo candle from a New Age shop for the exercise.

You should do it without your glasses.


I live in India and this is the only metaphysical
store here.

You can try Etsy. There is sellers from India on there as well as others that maybe able to ship items to you. :slight_smile: I personally use this over other sites mostly because the quality is amazing and it supports small businesses.

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I don know about what your doing for the most part I just wanted to say the candles on the last picture the thick ones looked awesome and made me feel good I’d definitely go with them unless you order from Etsy like Zoclora recommend. Reminds me I need to get my two giant hunks or wax from my dad’s I’ve had them or years just waiting to make candles.



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