Blue light/energy

Hi I’m a complete beginner, last night I tried meditating and I felt like I was truly in a trance like state. I felt myself ascending towards some kind of blue light/energy. I’ve never practised magic and quite frankly have never meditated with as good results as last night. I got the best nights sleep it felt amazing.

Any idea what this blue energy means to me?


I felt myself concentrating on the throat whilst I was breathing, not sure if this is related

Well, the throat chakra is connected to the color blue :slight_smile:


I get sapphire blue light and energy from Orabas every time. Maybe it could be him?

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It sounds to me like a basic exercise from Buckland Book of Spirit Communications, where you imagine yourself in a ball of blue light, like a bubble.
Blue light is also used in the Lesser Ritual of the Pentagram in some groups, white in another, I have tried red. I shall try green, yellow, blue, red and white in that order come to think of it. At least in the respective quarters. Kraig in Modern Magick also emphasizes blue light, while the Golden Dawn emphasized white.
I think the point of it is that each group monitoring a specific color in the astral will have them investigate to see if it is one of their own. A certain group could be calling you.

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My thoughts, nothing more. Lucifer is also blue in some circles in terms of the color of his sigil.

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Thank you for everyone’s replies, appreciate everyone’s ideas. Just a little update, since practising this meditation I have felt like my life has been falling into place, I have been offered a job (in the field I studied at uni) and then a few days later got an interview for my dream with a top 100 company in the field of work. I then get another phone call from a friend asking if I want to be a shareholder within a new project he is setting up.

This is all very intense and was a clear chain of events since unlocking what I believe is my chakra roughly a week ago.

I just want to add I’ve been in and out of serious anxiety, depression and addiction for the last two years along with being unemployed since university. My mental health feels great now and I feel like I’ve almost been reborn. I pray about all the things I am grateful to god for right before the meditation which I feel helps a lot (Note: I am completely new to even praying)

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