Blue eye

Hi all,

Wondering if anyone else has had this experience? I was half awake this morning trying to go back to sleep with my eyes closed and I had this image of an eye in front of me. It was like I was looking at it through a blue filter because the whole eye and an area around it was blue. Any ideas on who? Lilith, Azazael, Marbas, Lucifer, Rosier, Sitri?


Horus? Ra?

Kinda have a feeling it might be Lucifer though


With me that’s usually my third eye. Like seeing it with my eyes closed. It could be some psychic/astral energy and is possible that it’s you.

I also agree with Arianna, if it’s external it seems like Lucifer.


I just had a huge black bird in my yard near my door, anyone know anything about Camio?

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I don’t, but again birds for me are different. My caveat is always that everything I say is based on my own experiences.

To me: Birds are messengers. Black birds are always a good sign. Think of how old wizards always had two crows with them. Odin has two crows also. To me they are a sign of the other side and magic.

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Always felt safe with them around

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Me too. They seem to warn me of things and let me know what’s going on around me.

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I wonder if this might be all connected? The blue eye, the black bird? I know I will have some arguing to do in the near future with what is happening over in the MFWB thread. Convincing people. I have read he is good at arguing. I don’t so maybe Lucifer is sending me his way to learn how to argue better?

That makes sense. How did the bird make you feel? Did he say anything you could understand? Does he give you a certain feeling?

Interesting. I saw a blue eye last night. I have blue eyes. But this was a painted eye…which makes total sense for me; see my intro post. It kept moving around. Anyway, that is curious. There may be a connection.

The Super Blue Blood Full Moon might have had effects on everyone. That’s a good point about connections @levilevi

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I was calm, intrigued. Worried about the cat at my feet going after him. He flew off after a few minutes.

Maybe he was telling you just that. “Be calm.”

Perhaps. I know that what I have asked for in another thread is going to pull my life apart when it happens.


Well that sounds intriguing. Which thread!?

@levilevi It’s in the mfwb thread. I think you missed the deadline. Basically you are given 2 days where the group works on 2 requests of yours. Then you work on theirs for the rest. My 2 days are the 3rd Saturday and 4th Sunday. They are breaking communication blocks between a woman and myself and getting her to contact me. It will pretty much totally tear apart my life as it is by having her in my life but worth it in the long run.

@Shadowmage I see. Is this a “twin flame” thing or just a lady that’s bad for you in general? PM if you like. I don’t mean to derail the thread.

@levilevi All good, it’s a soul mate thing. I will pm in a while and explain. Just got to eat

FUCK yEAH! :smiley:


Wow. Yeah, all of that stuff. I suppose that is evidence of all of us tapping into the same things.

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