Bludohn from Faust

Does anybody know who or what ‘‘Bludohn’’ is?
In Faust it is written Bludohn was a synonym for Beelzebub but I can’t believe it. Dirachiel is called a ‘bludohnic spirit’ (“bludohnischer Geist”). The first time I’ve read it I thought it’s meant ‘plutonic’ but Pluto was firstly discovered in the 30’s and the book is older.

Does anybody know?

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My German teacher told me that it means something like chontian :slight_smile:

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I can’t translate the word ‘chontian.’
Can you tell me the german word?

Irdisch oder unterweltlich ein alt deutsches wort griechischen Ursprunges

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Is there a reason why you don’t believe that book (which seems to be the source for the name)?
Pluto by the way was a god long before the planet was named after him.

I think chtonian, which fits the translation.