Blown into this forum like a springs breeze

Well it is nice to be here after all my searching I have finally found a new hangout!

I can feel energies around me like emotions and spiritual beings, even though I can not see them, but that is something I want to rectify and I am confident that I will.

There are things that I don’t yet know about myself so with the hope of help, I will be able to do so!

Praise Lucifer!


Another Lucifer enthusiast! Welcome!


How long have you practiced?


Not long to be honest, I could always feel energies arounds me and in my auric field. Can get interesting when I get slight static shocks. I feel now is the right time to practice as imho this world is changing at an epic rate. What changes will come? I look forward to finding out ;).

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Welcome to the forum!

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The winds have blessed you if they brought you here :slightly_smiling_face: lots of great information locked away here. Enjoy your stay!



Welcome @Callisma

Where are you from?

What, exactly, do you practice? You haven’t told us if you have any actual experience in practical magick.

Roughly, how long is that?


Welcome to the forum.

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Hello @Callisma, welcome to the forum :wave:t5:

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I practice spiritual energy work, what I mean by that is, I can send energy to others to help them with healing or to enhance the spiritual connection that one has. I have been able to do this since a young teenager, but now work it in with a LHP approach, for lack of a better word. So practicing seriously for the last 7 months

Welcome to our forum @Callisma :wave:

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Welcome @Callisma :blush:


I could use some energy work