Bloodstained sigils

Yesturday i offered blood to some spirit nd the sigils blood now,so should i burn that seal then dispose them then make a new one, or should i just use that?


I burn my blood offerings to send them along to the deity.

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Do u mean u burn blood in burning candles flame
Sorry i didnt understand ^^’

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For offerings, I put blood on the sigil or name (paper). I burn the paper with the blood on it to send it to them.


Oh thanks! I just evoke them using their sigil then put blood on it nd let it dry but they gets stained, so i’ll just use ur method

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So its like this, suppose i want to give blood offering to lucifer, then i’ll write his name on paper then drop some blood on the name then burn the paper
Is thIs how u do it?
Will they get the offering?

If you have called to him and feel I side that it goes to him, then yes, he will get it. I still put it on his sigil, so there is no question who it is for.

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I draw the sigil with my blood on paper and then burn it. Here’s an example.

I also carved his name and sigil into one of the candles and put blood on that. You can see when you zoom in.

You don’t have to do it like this. I just did it as it was important to me.