Bloodlines and Haplogroups

I know this topic has been covered somewhat previously. And that we can rewrite our own genetic DNA through spiritual progression & meditation etc.

This is different though. Has anyone studied specifically haplogroups?

If you don’t know anything about haplogroups, here’s a link with some background information:

Are certain haplogroups predisposed or attracted to a certain tradition/path based on their ancient connection/roots? For example, are men who are DNA Y “Haplogroup I” more draw toward the Druid path since Haplogroup I2 dominated Western Europe during the time of the Druids?

What do you think of the idea that long ago certain entities adopted certain bloodlines or haplogroups? Are all entities truly neutral toward bloodlines?

Has anyone here been tested for their DNA haplogroup for comparison sake?

do they have any for people of African blood line? cuz i went to the site and all i saw was European.

This can be a bit of a tricky subject to wade into but it’s my theory that different groups of souls manifest into different cultures, which also includes the genetic make-up of those cultures (I won’t use the crass term “races”) because they want to experience the lifestyle, challenges and privileges of that birth.

I think all of us have ancestral godforms, entities and so on who will answer to us related on this theory, which in no way precludes us from calling on a being who we don’t seem to have any ancestral connection to (I probably have very little genetic connection to the ancient Egyptian people, who at any rate were not a homogeneous “race” but I’ve had close ties to the Egyptian gods ever since childhood - maybe some ancestor was taken as a slave there and devoted him/herself to them, thereby imprinting it into my genetic code - or, maybe we just “clicked”?), … but all that said, IMO it’s a good place to start looking when someone really doesn’t have any other starting point.

I don’t think science currently has the tools to measure this via DNA though because the DNA is the secondary physical manifestation of a pre-existing particular soul, it’s like trying to trace someone’s appearance via a single footprint and (contrary to Columbo or CSI or whatever) that’s darned near impossible most of that time.

That’s my 2¢ fwiw.

There is a book from a guy called J.J. Hurtak, called “The Keys of Enoch: The Book of Knowledge” is a vast book that covers issues from religion, DNA, biophysics, hebrew language, extraterrestrial heritage and some future fields of aplication that will take part in the future of humanity or are already taking part such as “Astromedicine” which J.J. has recognized himself as “Reconnective Healing” performed by Eric Pearl and their international team and practitioners, which is all about re-arrange energy patters in the human energy field (zero-point field/aura) Interestingly enough there is a vast study about it performed by Ph. D. Konstantin Korotkov from Russia using a technology called EPI/GDV “Electrophotonic Imaginery/Gas Discharge Visualization” which allows to photograph, videotape and measure the eneretic field.

the story of how Hurtak got the knowledge of the book (is a channeled book) is also interesting to say at least, I haven’t read it entirely (is really long and complicate but the pictures are pretty cool). It has lots of info and you need to know some specific knowledge about biology, phyisics, spiritual/astral knowlege and a very open mind.

just my 2 pesos

Lady Eva, makes sense. I love the idea of working with runes, yet there is something about them that doesn’t totally click with me. It may be the fact that I trace my lineage DNA back to ancient Greece and Anatolia, not northern Europe.

korgon, that’s real interesting. I’ve looked into Joseph P. Farrell’s material also. I still can’t figure out where he’s coming from or whether his stuff is worth my time.

There’s a theory that I’m inclined to believe where the “Priest-King” bloodlines once ruled the Middle East, many parts of Asia and Europe by “divine” authority. Maybe from ancient Sumeria times. India’s caste system is a relic from that time. Then the warrior class conquered and took control from the priest-king bloodlines. Slowly taking over Western civilizations while suppressing and rewriting history. The warrior class stole the females of the priest-king bloodlines and did “ethnic cleansing” of the males. Which could explain why we live in a world today controlled by deceiving, power-hungry elites.