Bloodline of cain ritual info

Does anyone have any information about the Bloodline of Cain Ritual?

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I would surely love to know !

Possibly! But it could be under a different name. I’ll need to research this.

What exactly are you needing it for?

However, The Bloodline of Cain is what I consider mythology. I don’t believe in Adam, nor Eve. And based on the stories, Cain was the “evil”, carnel man whereas Abel got the “rights”.

If talking of the sign of his forhead. U may forget it. Asfar i knw his bloodline maybe in arabe countries. And high position up there. Try to look nick ferrel books a guy who write tat kind of books on bloodlines, anukis etc. Maybe if u have aqesyion be easy to answer. If talikng of magic and his cult. And modern links iy maybe guys here who give a great opinion.

You mean the mark of Cain ?

Yes. But he Star a magic cult its faded history’s. The only pwrson who knw tat and were is very picky about stuff like tat. Plus links to tat cult. I will sugest star looking in European forums.

There’s a lot more information on the Blood of Cain Ritual out in the open than you realize. It’s actually out in the open, if you know where to look.

But I’m still unsure where to look.

I read bfre its a amwrican reading but the inner teachings links i i dnt tink will be in america. Readings yes.