~Blood Scorch~

I expirienced a rather Interesting phenomena recently, during a Sigil Magick consecration involving AZAZEL. …I won’t elaborate on any specifics regarding the purpose of the ritual, because although it is in the process of manifestation, it has not yet come to pass. ~ I had created a sigil of AZAZEL on a squared piece of gold parchment colored card-stock, and was deeply engaged in the ritual when it happened. …In an internally frenzious state of Obsession, gathering and intensifying my desire for this particular outcome, I transitioned to a deeply suspending Theta-Gamma Sync, and opened AZAZEL’s sigil, calling Him with an Intense Passion for the manifestation of my Desire. Once I was riding the line of passing out, and His Presence was undoubtably there, I affirmed my Desire with Him, collected my obsession into a climax point, and expunged it out my third eye, down an astral zip line, and into the heart of his open, flashing sigil. …Then, while still the deep in the T-G Sync, I cut my hand and dripped hot blood onto each of the six smaller circles on the outer perimeter of his glowing sigil as a Sealing Token, right before I Respectfully concluded our meeting, and blew out the candles. Afterward, as I grabbed a beer and was cleaning up, I nonchalantly started to pick up the imbued sigil to fold up, and noticed upon the face of the sigil where my blood had spilt onto the six smaller circles, my blood was scorched BLACK. …not a dried out dark chipotle red color, but fucking burnt Black, like it was dripped in a frying pan! I had used Blood different times and ways in Magick Ritual before, …but this phenominom was a First.
~AZAZEL is Truly a Powerful Black Lord of Eternal Fire~

The very first time I ever evoked Azazel I had a similar reaction on his Sigil … Also when I put my blood in the fire it began to release a pure black smoke that left soot all around the cauldron I was burning the incense in… Just after the blood burned and the black smoke arose the wall began to turn into a liquid… It was all wavy and shit… And right at the bottom of the wall where the floor and the wall meet fucking opened up… It was like someone just stuck thier hand thru from the other side and lifted the wall from the floor where it was complete darkness and a hand came out and grabbed the black smoke as if it was taking the offing I was giving… It then put the wall back down the wall got all wavy like a liquid and solidified once more… It was wild…