Blood sacrifice

This pertains to the video that i just saw Ea post about blood sacrifice. Ive helped both my godfathers kill lots of animals to sacrifice. But its always a 2 man job unless you break its neck and rip its head off. Then let the blood drip on what ever your sacrificing to. Has anybody on here ever sacrificed an animal alone to a demon. I cant ask for any help to do this because believe it or not most people in the Ocha and Palo commuinity wont deal with demons. They are against it. So i need some ideas how to sacrifice an animal alone successfully.

I don’t have this book myself but you can look into Mark Alan Smith’s book on the path of Sacrifice.

Mark Alan Smiths book doesn’t give many technical aspects to sacrifice aside from how the animal is to be treated prior to and after. It also doesn’t use sacrifice for every day rituals (so no sacrifice just for the sake of sacrifice) just for specific rites requiring massive energy. His first two books work with the Goetic demons and the Qlippoth, and they only use ones own blood and sexual fluid as an offering. Though in ‘Altar of Sacrifice’ the act is treated very similar to how it is in Palo. Side note: Smith doesn’t treat these entities as demons either, but instead as Gods.

I googled “how to slaughter a chicken” recently and a ton of results came up, I didn’t read them all but maybe if you search under “slaughtering” not “sacrifice” you’ll get some good info?

British workers on farms that are accredited by the RSPCA’s animal welfare standards have to know how to single-handedly kill a chicken, by breaking its neck, in order to prevent an injured bird suffering, so it must be possible.