Blood pacts with King Belial, King Paimon and King Beleth

Hi guys it has been a minute since I have been in here but I felt inspired to give thanks to King Belial, King Paimon and King Beleth. I did a pact with King Paimon in the beginning of this year. I wanted his help on teaching me how to master my mind. In the beginning it was uncomfortable, the first two weeks I got sick and there were some days where I couldn’t even get out of bed. I have worked with King Belial for about 2 years and thought he was hard but the internal blessings from him were substantial, he knows how to command respect towards you. Working with King Belial was a great foundation in working with other Demons. I wouldn’t say I thought that starting work with King Paimon right after would be easy but I didn’t think he would be as harsh or intense as Belial. Let’s just say that King Paimon has a way of being with you the first hour in the morning. You will wake up and not feel the urge to be on your phone first thing. King Paimon has a way of making you wanna be your only company, allowing you to have that intimate reflection of seeing your own thoughts and feelings, he is overall very smooth in who he is. I did a pact with King Beleth about a couple weeks later. Having now worked with both of their energies has been very difficult, they don’t play around. They will make things uncomfortable that you have never experienced but they won’t give you anything you can’t handle. They have a way of being with you throughout a lot of moments in your day and making you be aware of the day itself and every present moment of the day. I will say that I recommend working with King Belial first, he definitely helps you develop and build tough skin if you are weak, he will give you a pair of balls and confidence. King Paimon is all about having you be secure with your self and your mind, he will make it his business to make you be aware of how to make a legit argument for anything and everything. I was grilled for making open assumptions and making empty statements but now I am much more fact oriented and gather as much information as I can before the shooting the gun with my mouth. King Beleth has been good to me about giving me love, admiration and protection from others. These beings know what buttons to push to make you realize where you are currently weak and what you need to do to grow into the next level of your evolution.
This week I finally came to terms that I am very very happy with all of them and I believe they have let me know that they are happy with me too. The only way is always up.

Hail King Belial!

Hail King Paimon!

Hail King Beleth!

Thank you!


Thanks for sharing!

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You’re welcome!

I have blood pacts with king paimon and king beleth as well king paimon And really have strong bond. King beleth and I have a good relationship but I have to say I believe that king paimon gave king beleth the good word to work with me. I think king beleth respects me as I mutually respect him largely due to the massive respect king paimon and I have with one another. Either way both very good king paimon like u said is very smooth like a science teacher or art teacher and king beleth is more like a strict grandfather sort of. No disrespect intended. I feel like I can be a little less guarded with king paimon and we have more of a friendship of sorts, with king beleth I do everything by the book immediately.

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You said you had worked with King Belial for about 2 years so I’m interested to know how you made contact with him. I would like to work with him so I want to know of a good way to contact him. Good work btw.


I completely agree with what you are saying. King Beleth is the one entity that has uniquely matched the aggression of King Belial in terms of getting my attention. There has been a few times where my use of thumbs was strained, like a paralysis. The moment I gave Frankincense offerings to Beleth was when the feeling of my thumbs were restored immediately. When it comes to my thumbs, I’m pretty it’s Beleth getting my attention. Where I’m at with Beleth now is him putting emphasis on how to use my emotions to make a changes, manifestations or how to learn something. Incantations are where I am at with him. (Affirmations with emotion)

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Interesting enough I wasn’t even looking for him. I did a consultation with Santera Lucera aka Indigo Priestess at the time, she has recently changed her name. I came to her with information seeking information on the work I have done with Elubatel. Later she had brought up Belial, who I had never heard of and she was saying how he was eagerly wanting to work with me. From what she had told me and from what I have heard from others, Belial doesn’t like to work with just anyone. He’s really big on you knowing what you want to do with your life before he can take you seriously. One of things he had told me was that wanted me to get to the place where I was then to be ready for him to work with. I had never done a pact with a Demon let alone a Demonic King which at the time was very scary. The nights before I did the pact I could feel Belial’s energy on me, he was SUPER PERSUASIVE in convincing me to do a pact him. I will never forget the morning after I did the pact. I woke up with a burning headache, which I liked because to me it felt like confirmation that our agreement was sealed. Sounds badass to do blood pact with a Demonic King right? Well, I can tell you this. It does sound badass but let me just say that Belial knows how to make things extremely uncomfortable, customized to you. It was emotional hell in the beginning. With me he had brought new people into my life that took a shit on my ego and also brought some people back from the past that triggered specific insecurities like making feel less than a man or unworthy. Belial also manifested through my manger in getting my work ethic up to par. There would be times where my Manger would raise hell with his temper and I could feel Belial’s heat on my right calf muscle letting me know that he was speaking to me through him. He’s very much like General with direction. Since then the rewards have substantial. I am more confident now that I can handle anything that life throws at me. I don’t recommend Belial to everyone but I honestly can’t think of anyone better to give you a rock solid foundation and turn your balls into Adamantium. If you work with him there is no going back but it is worth it. One of the best decisions I have ever made in my life. NOT for the faint of heart or the dabbler. Be warned. Beware.

Keep me posted.

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