Blood Over intent

I’ve seen a few videos of this guy on YouTube and on Instagram yelling and cussing acting as Lucifer or sometimes he says Devil. He usually mentions something about the flat earth aurora borealis then talking about how he will change the world whether the collective “we” like it or not. If you type in “blood over intent” on YouTube you’ll probably find a video of his along with many amateur videos of people with blood written letter of intent. I was curious how far off the end this guy is or if he has something to say, he’s mentioned a few symbolistic and occult teachings in a few of his rants so I was wondering if anyone else could give their feedback. It seems to me like more dogma and indoctrination but this time it’s one guy and not an establishment of Masons, jesuits, or Zionist Jews.


I’ve seen his vids, too. He clearly has some knowledge, but I think he is lumping it all in with other people’s work, and is over the top with his presentation style. I’m not sure if he actually believes what he says, or he’s just trying to make a buck on YouTube. As far as his ritual, I’m not impressed. How many people are actually going to the North Pole on his journey? To get to the sweet spot and whatnot, especially after he keeps changing dates after his unsuccessful attempts to get there? He’s capable of capturing people’s minds with his presentations, but I’m not buying it, personally.

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