Blood on the sigil?

Hello everyone,
So i evoked a spirit 2 days ago, and just before the summoning, i accidently cut my finger,so a few drops of blood came out…I wasnt feeling well but i had this feeling that i should evoke a spirit and “offer” them my blood.

Now,time was very short and it wasnt even 200ml of blood…so what i did is,on the paper,where i had drawn the sigil, just on the corner,i smeared my blood.

And the results were very good after completing the summoning. I am very happy.I want to thank the spirit Marquis Orias for helping me out.

My Question is,is it actually more powerful if one puts their blood on the sigil? it could be a co incidence too,hence i am asking…Thank you


That is one way of charging a sigil so yes its more powerful.


I don’t think you cut your finger by accident LOL You knew what to do instinctively.


i would never sacrifice my blood or flesh for any ritual.But it got cut and then i thought,hey when i am anyway doing the ritual, maybe this is a sign and i should use my blood too.

Not in my experience. The blood is simply a method of personal connection. It doesn’t make the seal more “powerful” in any way.


In some cases blood or any of your bodily fluids is a “stronger” charge because your blood is a physical “representation” of your energy.

it gives life energy for spirit to use in manifestation

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