Blood Offering!?!

For the more experienced people out there can you please explain to me exactly what a blood offering means in depth with specific details.

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Either offering your own blood to an entity (a few drops)

Or sacrificing an animal to an entity (its blood).

The later is used more in rituals in Hinduism and Voodoo but sometimes other practioners engage in it

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This isn’t so much a “spoon feed you like you’re in highschool” forum as much as a place you can ask specific questions, with 9 years worth of answers many of which often conflict in opinion.

There is no one “right” answer for most things in magick. There’s what gets you results, and what doesn’t.

For the “in depth” part, you’d be better off using the search feature at top right and on the web, reading some books and gathering the info, then try it out to get personal experience, then make up your own mind.


Is what the demonic needs in order to manifest themselves. Who knows why but blood and flesh can bring them forth from their realms

Blood represents your life and is therefore powerful in almost any magical working.


Thank you all for your replies!!! I apologize if my question was too vague, annoying, or quite ignorant. I admit I have very little knowledge especially anything that relates to magick. I did use the search function briefly, however i just couldn’t find anything pertaining to the specific answers I was looking for. @Kristian I can see how it represents our life-force perse, but what i mean to question is the specific intent behind it. Is the offering representative of more energy to come or rather to say more life-force than was initially expelled from your body during the rituals contribution??? Is it a commitment of or to anything, does the spirit feed of of it, or is it more just ritual and symbolic of something???

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from my experience some spirits do feed on it, one that i have experience with will not come unless a blood sacrifice is given this is actually quite common in Animistic practices. other times it’s not so much the blood your after but sending a message through the specific animal to be relayed to the god or spirit, either above or below. hunting societies would sacrifice the animal to to feed the tribe, the bones would be well taken care of and not broken, often times ornately displayed so that the animal eaten would speak highly of the tribe to their god and be born again. this topic is very taboo and seldom spoken of in any depth.

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Than you for your input and experience.

Blood offering represents dedication to the purpose of the ritual.

Blood offering = to offer blood

Like how you might offer food, wine, etc. Except this time it’s something that has a link to you. Contains your energy.

Sympathetic magick.

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