Blood offering finger

Hello everyone,

Last night I did an evocation, and I put blood on the sigil.

I evoked this demon around 2 years ago, but then I hard cut into my finger to get blood (left thumb, not so deep cut healed in a few days) but nowadays I use a needle and I pop the top of my finger above the nail, it doesn’t really hurt but the blood is less.

The weird thing that after the ritual, instead of the top of my finger (what I popped for blood) the area of the 2 years old cut started to hurt, like legit that area where I cut my finger 2 years ago.

What this could mean?

It doesn’t mean anything. Old wounds always hurt when new damage is done. It has nothing to do with your ritual, and everything to do with how the body heals itself.


Yea but it’s been 100% healed after a few days back then, and I gave blood in this other way numerous times since then, and never felt the other area that I used 2 years ago in pain ever since then.

And I remember back then 2 years ago I used this place to get blood only for 3 rituals not more. Ever since then yesterday’s was the first time I felt the old cuts area.

Generally, when old wounds act up, it is because fresh blood is flowing to the area.


Or it’s the weather.! I’m not kidding.


Well, I asked the question because I felt like the demon wanted more blood so he told me in this way.

I don’t see how you can jump to that conclusion.

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Because I haven’t evoked this demon in n 2 years.

And the first time I evoke him again I give like 10th amount of blood only. And since I’ve done like 10-20 blood offerings in the past 2 years for different demons, and the old blood place never hurt, but now yes.

There are just too many ways to explain why an old wound would start hurting, and absent more data, it is merely coincidence. I think the cause is more than likely something ordinary, and you are simply reading into it what you want to, but give more blood if that is what you want to do. :man_shrugging: