Blood moon

Friday we will have blood moon what does this mean on magic we will have extremely powerful energies? We can cast powerful spell?


I am just going to let my clear quartz crystal to bathe in the Moonlight while I sleep like a baby

Interesting. I’ve been having visions of a blood moon for the past 2 days. Following.

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also going to be a total lunar eclipse

bloodmoon eclipse, sounds delicious

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Earlier I posted this thread about the upcoming blood moon.

Historically full moons have been said to be very powerful for all kinds of weird stuff, and usually signify the end of something (which means leaving room for new things to come), and the blood moon even so. Especially diablerie. Ask any devout christian what (s)he thinks about it :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, it is not unusual to visualize a blood moon in relation to certain gods/goddesses - so I think it’s a golden opportunity to make petitions to said entities.

Now the 27th just also happens to be a “good for speaking with demons" according to the Hygromanteia… Mercury is in retrograde which could be either good or bad depending on the nature of your magick, and the 28th is the peak of the Delta Aquarids Meteor Shower, so I suppose one should be able to draw some of that as well.

All in all I figure it’s a perfect day (night!?) for some sinister woo woo and bumps in the night :wink:


Oh, and just a thought. A total lunar eclipse means that the moon is in the complete shadow of the earth (the “umbra”) which places it in a place of darkness. A perfect focal point to address all things of shadowy nature. The only light that hits it are the wavelengths from the earth’s atmosphere (hence the red color).

Sadly though for a lot of people here, North America is going to miss this amazing lunar event

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I am trying to gaze at the moon and chant (sooham akal ) and absorb energy into my third eye to open it. but is cloudy . cant see the moon …

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