Blood moon ritual results

Well a bit of an update from my last post and with results from the ritual.
The ritual was a vampiric ascension ritual which required me to summon Lucifer, Lillith, Cain, and an aspect of Azazel called Azaqel. I set up a simple circle with the design showed to me which was an x at each corner where their sigils would lie on the outside of the circle. Due to conditions I couldn’t perform it outdoors like originally planned. Once the circle was ready I had to wait for the eclipse to be at its strongest point so I performed some preliminary evocations of their power with the enns they chose which varied slightly mostly in pronunciation from their standard. More a guttural primal growl and hiss to them.
Once it was time I began evoking them again to full appearance letting myself slip into my astral senses where I sense the room around me flickering out and the clouds letting the light through for the ritual. The way it worked was more a test of dedication and of my sovereignty and independence. Once their power was gathered I took a knife I had made myself to make the sacrifice needed. Only a few drops of blood to be infused with some of their power and essence before I drank that. Blood being to me one of the bridges that connects the mental spiritual and physical planes was the perfect medium to take their power in on those levels.
I then formed the sigil that came to me from that and scratched it on my chest over my heart and stood there for a few minutes. It was rather anticlimactic, beyond what my astral senses were seeing with the light filtering in regardless of physical obstructions there wasn’t much feel to it just a quiet low feelings.
When I went to bed though is when all the fun started. Lots of dreams related to those demons and the blood moon. Hunting in its light and changing. Embodying a lot of vampiric archetypes and a certain understanding of power that is hard to explain. So far there has not been much other effect other than a great increase in effectiveness and awareness in everything I do though past experience tells me the effects will grow stronger and show up over time.
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