"Blood Magick" - probably a stupid question

Hi all,

I’ve searched the Forum and read part of the material on “Blood Magick”.

Now, my most basic questions aren’t answered:
Is “Blood Magick” more effective in some places than in others - like in the holy land, Israel, where so much blood had been shed, it is more effective?

Is this form of Magick more effective at certain times of day than in others - more after night fall than before?

Is it more effective in certain kinds of spells than in others - more in Love, Monetary, Protection or Necromantic spells and less in Healing one’s, for instance…

How would one venture to start practicing this form of Magick, if I’m more interested in this Avenue of Work and less in more Mundane Forms?

Can you think of other questions I should asked and forgot to…

Good Weekend, Everyone.

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More ?!? More than what?

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I think I understand what you mean…
I’ll try to explain myself…

As far as I’m concerned, simple Mundane Magick for me is one involving the RHP- praying to Angels/Gods/Other Dieties for protection, help, healing, power…

Restoring a simple distortion of the Natural order of things, such as treating a Migraine, Upper Back pain and the like…

I’m more interested in using Magick to fix life-and-death situations, like Psychic Vampyrism, Invocation of the Nine Demonic Gatekeepers, Fixing my blood-line: gaining the Knowledge of all of my Ancestors…

In my country Israel, there are plenty of home-grown Spiritual Entities on the one hand, and on the other I’m less interested in changing the World and more interested in transmuting(Psychic Alchemy) my “Ego” and helping others change themselves…

What do you guys think?
What is your aim in your Magick?

What worked for you and what didn’t?

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I’m more of a Nihilist, I believe there is nothing and no one.

But, I don’t want to sleep all day,
So, I invented a “Fiction” of the “Self”.



You? If no one what’s nihilist? What believes, what sleeps, what invents??

In one of my journeys, I turn into a weird medical experiment about contagious vampyrism after COVID decimates the world by experimenting primarily on Chinese witches even, weaponizing the vaccines, which led to a lot of chaos and nonsense involving not letting kids out into the sun, being hunted with holy water and stakes and shit,


When I practice “Vampirism” I do my best to only drink the “Physical Earth” and sometimes Trees, but that’s it.

They have the most Energy in them…



🧛🏻‍♂ :zap: :skull::crescent_moon::candle::hourglass_flowing_sand:

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But, you need to do: to go out there and do the difficult things, go the extra mile…

Most of my day is on the Go…



My first answer is no. But the whole answer is different. If it means that to the person doing the working, then it can help fuel it (perhaps). If an area has significance to you, that will affect your working.

The other part of the answer is that if you tap into the historical energy of that place, that can also help fuel a working that is aligned with it. I was in some areas of Kuwait where there were mass slaughters of Kuwaitis by Iraqi Special Forces when they took over Kuwait back in the 80-90’s. If I were doing a negative working, being in that place and tapping into it could help me marshal more energy of that type for the working.

This will partially depend on the person. What meaning does blood have for the magician? Is it one of the highest forms of payment to them? Does it only mean that they are willing to bleed for their request? Does it carry any Ancestral meaning to it, adding their energies to the working?

First, you need to decide what blood means to you. What relationship you have with it. It had more of a significance back in the day, when a simply infection could cost you and arm or your life. Explore your relationship with blood from a magical point of view. Do some research about what it means to others to see if you agree or not. Then use that knowledge to shape your workings where blood fits.


You enlightened me.



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Most spells I give a blood offering it definitely increases the potency and power of any spell