Blood magick and Spell oils

Hi there. I will get straight to the point: can blood magick be used in conjunction with literally any spell or Potion you’ve got lined up, or is it best to stick with certain uses?

I’ve read a lot on this topic and have found that BWS’s (Black witch coven auteur Savanah) views on blood magick so far align with my experience. Basically, blood can add a lot of pep to any working.

the thing is that I’ve only used it in spell items that I made personally so far, in which their intent was clearly to be a tool made for my benefit. However, I have got some baneful hoodoo Pre-made items at home (DUME, Spider Queen crossing oil) that I would love to customize with my own blood, yet I note that these same items can be used with personal concerns of a target… personal concerns meaning stuff like blood… to help the spirits lock onto and destroy them.

Just to be clear, /this/ is the main question:

How do I know that throwing my own concerns into such formulae won’t make me the target, and totally fuck my shit up? Is there a right way to do this or is it best avoided, in unclear cases?

(Bonus question):

I tend to use a lot of hoodoo formulae at present, so if someone would like to recommend rootwork curses that are amenable to adding casters blood to, to increase their potency, please feel free to share :hugs:

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Blood magick isn’t a thing, all paths of magick however can have blood used in it. But there’s really no such thing as “blood magick”. It’s up to you to use blood in your magick or not.


feel free to call it what you want. if you’d read my whole post before answering, you’d know that I wasnt asking whether blood magick is a “thing” but for specific advice on how it is used in rootwork.


I said it can be used in any working which I answered this, don’t be a douchebag at the answers given otherwise no one will respond.


you didn’t read the question though. How does it make me a douchebag to point that out?

You asked and I quote “can blood magick be used in conjunction with literally any spell or potion you’ve got lined up, or is it best to stick with certain uses?” that’s a question I answered, I intentionally did not answer the other question(s) because someone else can answer them too.

I answered one of your few questions and you stated.

you made the post asking multiple questions, I answered ones I know.

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I see your point now. Ty, in that case :slight_smile:

OK so from my lurking on Grailoftheserpents livechat: Frank mentions that blood offerings are only necessary in life or death situations and are usually unnecessary. Though I have had a weird thing happen after ritual where I randomly cut myself out nowhere, like a printer after ritual. I use to work at a fast casual food place. I have seen other sorcerers say that blood offerings are powerful. I have also seen a confident African practitioner who charges for spellwork and insists on animal sacrifices (mostly chickens). I am seeing it as it depends on the particular spirit and the workings. Personally I don’t offer that because it’s asking too much from me, although I have in the past. I would personally ask the spirit and you should receive the answer since it is so variable. Hope it sorta helps.


Also one more thing. I use blood to strengthen my relationship and introduce myself to the spirit, like a blood bond. It seems to me that you are concerned that the blood offering can be a psychic link connected directly to you. If that is your mentality in your subconcious then I would also avoid it and do more simple baneful magick. That might do the trick.


I would not use blood in baneful workings because it is super easy to trace you back and it does not make any sense to me. Your blood carries your whole lineage so mixing it with DUME oil well, it should have an averse effect according to quantum physics and mess up your whole family line.

Spells powered by blood magic cannot be broken by yourself as well…


Okay in slavic shamnism blood magic is a thing. For us once we do ritual like this we draw every word, every sigil, every symbol in blood- like in general everything is in blood, also we draw words and sigils etc on our skin with blood if needed.
The reason for it is that blood is sacred, life force and has extreme amount of power therefore once there is a particular ritual which needs quick manifesto and strong manifesto we do it this way.

I did it once , blood which I used was period blood and I saw changes in less than 24 hours- it was personal love related stuff.
But in general I see blood like a sacred thing so I am pretty much careful with that, thats why I choose to do ritual like that just once because there was need for quick strong fix.

I know people, shamans who practice for 10s of years who are doing these types of rituals frequently, we call them “rituals of blood” if i should translate it… but they are hardcore in every way lol.

Also Noire Grimoire my friend, member of Golden Dawn and also occult youtuber is practicing blood magic.

You can use blood in every type of working except baneful works✌️ Best usage for blood is love, lust, seduction and than power boost rituals. You can mix blood with oils herbs doesnt matter …all depends from the ritual itself where it is orientated…

I was apprentice at Frank White… blood is on discussion…it all depends from system and the way how you preceive blood in occult thats it.

I am talking from personal experience🙂


Thanks for that insightful and in depth look into Slavic shamanism :pray:

I am already using this in one magickal working against a harasser. he has been harassing me for the past year but the authorities won’t help because my life isn’t in danger. I am however going slowly insane and becoming extremely anxious and depressed.

Long story short, I made a banishing Potion using blood and it had a positive impact, which is something that I didn’t get from all the other bindings, freezings, deity offerings and so forth that I tried.

I will do it again because its my only option for self defense. I just don’t know if rootwork formulae are the right avenue. By the sounds of it DUME (aka goofers dust) would be incompatible with blood workings.

If you can think of any other working that you know to be effective, my ears are open :slightly_smiling_face:


Actually, I don’t care if it can be traced to me. the individual I am seeking defense against does not know or care about magic and is antitheistic.

I am only worried that putting my blood into a formula in which, traditionally, only the victims personal concerns is put, would make the spirits involved target me.

Do you get me…?

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I get you and if the spell requires the targets possessions then I wouldn’t put my blood into the viAl you could still use the blood to write things or as offering to spirits.

O and btw period blood works differently then normal blood it has no life force anymore because it’s been dead so long.


Thanks :slight_smile:

I was told period blood is only good for benevolent workings, so I opted to use normal finger blood, in this situation.


I admit to being newb here but I am watching a lot of videos, cast some successful spells, and can offer you my notes. This is really a complicated answer. So actually you really need to pinpoint. What spirits am I actually working with? Are they rogue trickster spirits? Will they reach my target in the way I want? This really also depends on your relationship with the spirit. For this reason, many occultists advise you to get to know and even research the spirit before you invite them in your ritual space.

In your case, and this is me using my own intuition, I would avoid using any of your own blood in rootwork. Symbolically mixing your own blood may just make your ritual messy by intertwining your own lifeforce energy which has your DNA. As in, you’ll get the job but you may suffer from some unintended setback, which will depend on the strength of your curse. Powerful curse oil mixed with your own blood sounds like a chemical disaster. Instead I would use my blood by signing a pact or for doing initiation with the spirit which will help the spirit get to know you, rather than mixing it in a hodgepodge curse. I have seen occultists do this. Also as an idea, even go ahead and use the powerfully charged curse oil on a picture of the victim or a piece of his belongings. I WOULD however, offer blood in a binding love spell.

I hope that is more focused on your question.

Keep us posted and hope to see you brag about your results. :wink: