Blood lust - Safety/Dangers in Dealing with Demonic Possession in Others

There is a magician I have begun some workings with - who works quite closely with the 4 Kings, as well as numerous other Goetic sprits over the years. He has welcomed them all to co-habitate his body and home. Its been effective in the way of creating success, but in another way they seem to be exhausting him and taking over the mental processes. Anytime he drinks alcohol, they begin speaking through him. To the point where it is becoming dangerous, and there is a certain kind of “blood lust” which takes over.

I want to emphasize, that this is serious, advanced practitioner of 20+ years who is well established in the world and in his career, well respected and successful. It is just reaching a point where it seems he may be losing control. The parts that become disturbing are the urge to “destroy” everyone and everything. It’s becoming dangerous, and I’ve had to talk “him/them/it” down a few times from very violent actions. Its getting worse and more extreme. I’m concerned actions may be taken that will have permanent negative consequences.

Firstly, what can I do to support him as a friend and ally? He did tell me in a moment of lucidity that he’s afraid of what he/they will do, and he is losing control, but its too late and there’s no way out now. And secondly, when he is “taken over” how do I maintain control of the situation and ensure my own safety when working with his person and his entities. He has never directly threatened my physical safety, though he has threatened others, and I have sensed lethal malice a few times.

This urge is going to have to act itself out in some way… I don’t seem him ever banishing them from his life. At least not for some years, until the greater workings are completed…


Summon his ancestors, if he becomes an empty shell serving these beings they will also lose out, and they are most likely to have a vested interest in protecting him.

That’s one option.


ANGELIC DEPRESSION he is suffering from he has to accept opposite polarity he needs some light into his life , its the only way . Happened to me when I was 11 all the way till my late 20s I had to become a Christian and receive the light in me , I cant give you any other advice , maybe buhdist or something to me become a Christian was the only way it doesn’t mean your demons will be gone they will always be there it means you receive jesus and learn how to control yourself and the demons ,the demons will hate it but what is his life worth ,your mates life is valuable

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ive must have ripped up and thrown about 50 holy bibles off of the wall I had so many rage issues another thing I suggest is shadow work aswell

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Thank you. I was trying to find a way to “ground” him but he hated the feeling of earth energy, and I was really at a loss as to what energy source to anchor him to. At times he is indeed an “empty shell” - I’ve never felt anything like it. Next time, I will call in his ancestors, and perhaps try to anchor him through his blood lineage…

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I was reading back on some other topics, I actually found an earlier discussed that solves this issue around how to “ground” someone when they are averse to connecting to another source of energy. Its so simple, and so logical. Sometimes that source of inner power can be hidden or obscured, but it is always there. That would have been the exact right thing to do in that moment, and I will remember in the future!

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