Blood Donation

I am thinking of donating blood at a local hospital to save lives. If blood is the life and essence of ourselves, what effect would it have if my blood runs in a negative sick person who gets my blood?

I imagine nothing as there was no link created between you and the donor. I would imagine some type of connection would have to be made simultaneously while your donating and they’re receiving. Possibly if they had I’ll intentions toward you it may do some harm but would also hurt them as well since your blood is in them. I don’t know how they would know who’s blood they received to be pissed about it either way, I’ve never heard someone complain about receiving blood and if they did I’m sure it would be directed more at medical staff than the donor. That’s my opinion and its worth slightly less than what you paid for it.

blood has the potential for crazy stuff as it’s an alchemical mixture of fire and water, and a counterpart to sexual fluid. ever wonder why we have the white/red lion and the red/white eagle in the thoth deck?

as far as donating blood, well, if it’s for truly altruistic purposes, you could go so far as to say that your blood will be charged with that overriding state when you actually go and donate. if it counts for anything, altruism is a fairly elevated state of mind, and if it’s a genuine motivation, there’s no reason to see why the universe would punish you for doing something you honestly believed was good (however you want to interpret that). that may be nullified if you only donated so you could get a lollypop though.

at the end of the day, when it comes down to something like this, i revert to my scientific training. donating blood will help improve and possibly save lives, and there is always a blood shortage, so it’s a useful thing to do (all cynicism aside, as i sure as hell won’t be donating for those goddamned ingrates).

it’s interesting to ponder the metaphysical ramifications, but with this sort of thing, i’m not sure that there really even are any. sure if a magician who didn’t like you got a hold of your blood, then maybe (and if it were me, i’d definitely try and use it for nefarious ends), but donation is entirely a world apart.


The way I see it I as soon your blood is absorbed by another being, it ceases to have a connection to you. Kinda like when u feed off someones life force. During feeding it creates a temporary connection to that person until the energy has been incorporated into your own being.