Blood changes in to the scalptures

hi first of all i want to inform you that i work with about twenty entities i have a tempel and i use my blood to give them as offer in small amounts in small little cap like from budwiser bottles caps i give them blood like every couple of days and i burn candles and incense, what i have found lately the blood that i give changes in to the scalptures i put that at the window and sun rays make them hard and for different entities there are different faces and shapes i get as the end result , if some one is interested should give a try , i assume later on we would be able to use it as gateways to connect to spirits like sigils but i never tried it.

Blood is definitely a gateway. You can also use it to strengthen another gateway, like fire or water.

Sounds very interesting. Do you have a particular directional orientation of the temple in correspondence to the different entities?

Jahbulon nope , first i was thinking to do so but then something told me that directions are just for us for physical planes the spirits dont need that all is us its for operators concentration nothing all like sigils it helps us but we dont need really any of that, you can put them next to each other and still is going to be good