Blood Bowl

I really didn’t want to discuss this, but I just cannot stop thinking about it. Today I am doing a ritual that is just, well its pretty serious… I never ever wake up early to do a morning meditation, but today I just felt an urge to. I closed my eyes and I was in an immediate trance, and as Belial did to me, I was pulled into some type of temple where Azazel sat in a chair…

Azazel: You are here with me, and your body will sit until this discussion is finished.
Me: I have worked with you once, and I am not sure why you have decided to bring me here.
Azazel: This day, you have decided to use my divisions for blasphemy, work that entails evil and malicious deed.
Me: So what am I here for?
Azazel: As you dwell among us and gratitude and servitude, you use these ancients rights must not be abused or taken lightly.
Me: King Azazel, I respect your legion and gracious helping on many occasions, but it is my rite as a human being, for reasons beyond my comprehension, to utilize these rites as I see fit. With respect, and support of your world and soldiers, I myself will use my rites, and in exchange I have always made a deal or offering, I never ask for anything free.
Azazel: As once we lived you will live, and as we learned you will learn. Your rite is your rite. I cannot remove unjust. I am only warning you, you can be haunted with despair and regret, not by my yearn or command, but by your own will.
Me: As I believe you, and it makes sense, I feel deep down, that I will not feel this way for long.
Azazel: Your command is your command and mine is mine. We support and with proper guidance we can accomplish your desire, but again, know this, you are not invincible. I do not call humans to my temple often, but as I know what you are about to do, and your reflection is of us by law, I felt your ritual last night, and it concerned me. A battle with one is a battle with all, and as you are blessed by element your favor to do is blasphemy. BE WARNED but there is no true end. If you want to make true what is to pass, place your blood inside of a wooden bowl, and leave it with remains of today’s spell.

Then I was back in my body and couldnt connect, I did not try shit, I was sucked there…

Anyway, I get that the blood bowl is somewhat of an offering, but has anyone heard of any kind of meaning of “blood in a wooden bowl”??


The Gateway of Blood is part of what he is referring to. Its a way to access the Spirits and Powers of blood to do your bidding. Just like you have the gateway of Fire, and the gateway of water.

I only write that because that is the first thing that came to my mind when i read the title of the post lol.

Blood I get, what I dont understand is the wooden bowl.

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Azazel is/could be telling you to scry into/open a bowl of blood like a sigil and send your Will or spell into and through it

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Oh im sorry, responded too quick

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Perhaps he means it literally - soak everything used in the ritual in your blood, and leave all your feelings, emotions, desires, inside that bowl?

This is supremely interesting.

As once they lived and learned… hmmm…

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The first thing that comes to mind for me is that energies your be able to pass through pretty freely if your think about it. Wood made from trees that circulate and generate energies in the form of absorbing water,earth, fire(through sunlight) and produce air(oxygen). So wood conducts natual energies pretty easily.

Stone,gem, and metal on the other hand are good at containing, amplifying and conducting certain energies based on the type of mineral.

Glass reflects and holds what is put in it.

The combination blood and wood then would allow through the gate of blood energies to be raised, passed through and transmuted if desired.


It makes sense in regards to wood. I figured perhaps the wood would actually absorb the blood, as a metal would not. And to burry the wood. Eventually it would actually return into tthe earth. The bowl as the offering.

Well i have to wake up at 2am to hit saturn in mars. We will see what happens later

Hmm :thinking: this would serve to anchor the energies raised in this plane to defile imposed “fate” and reweave it in the manner necessary to manifest the desire.

Someone is bustin out the big guns :sunglasses:

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Yeaaaaa… lets just say i have to settle something that’s fucked with me for years. And now its time to pay up.

Hmmm. I wonder if the wooden bowl is to be used as an offering bowl to Azazel. The wood would soak your blood so in a way, every future offering to Azazel via that bowl would be intrinsically linked to you.


Herewith please find an article on the O.N.A. and certain Magickal rites.:

I post it as I hope it offers some depth to this area of Magick.

The end of the third paragraph under the heading Nine Angles mentions blood bowls, although fails to mention that traditionally such bowls are silver. You can also end lives using what would be understood as (Ceremonial) Magick, however the O.N.A. has its own reasons to employ physical methods.

On a personal note, nothing is as liberating as causing the deaths of some filth via Magick. Truly fucking life changing. The joy is glorious! I have asked that both their deaths be upon my soul as I’ve earned that right.