Blood Animal Sacrifice and Magic!

Hi I want to ask about your result with animal sacrifice to the spirits and your blood does it skyrocket the results animals like bird rat and do bigger animals make the spell harder like cow or horse?

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I’ve noticed that the amount of blood doesn’t make any difference. You can sacrifice just a fish and have the same results.


does it skyrocket the results


Sure does, but I mix it with my own blood as well.


Ive cut myself the problem with it is that I have bad marks now

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Understand this, many of us are very touchy about the idea of killing innocent animals. Especially, considering that there are different ways of raising the energy that you’re trying to utilize. Not to mention that some of the other methods will actually get you a lot more energy than spilling of innocent blood.

Of course, that’s my take, if that’s the only way you can find a raise that energy, then I reluctantly will step back and let you do it, it’s not my job to stop you, just letting you know there are alternatives to killing animals for no apparent reason.


please explain this is the most ancient method and it is in many books and plants are alive too aswell as when you eat meat just someone else killed it I havent killed anything my whole life but if it makes magic work better I have to

I know many magicians cant talk about it publicly like Koeting for Legal reasons so it is a bit hidden

No no you got it wrong. I never said its the only way to make the magic more effective. What will make it more effective is you and only you.


I’m not saying I’m a vegetarian, or a vegan, or anything like that. I ate hamburgers and steaks like any other red-blooded weirdo, I just have a soft spot for small animals. In all truth, you can energetically charge up a gemstone and smash it on a cement block with a hammer and generate a lot more energy than slaughtering a black cat.

That said, if you kill a black cat in front of me, you’re going to have a world of hurt.


please explain your method

I want some hardline real stuff they are there I get glimpses of the methods and I think magitians a teaching weak magic

I’m a natural energy worker as it is. I’ve been working to hone my ability to work with raw energy from the earth and the ethers for decades. I take the energy, and I Channel it into a quartz crystal, or another type of semi-precious stone that can hold that type of energy. Depending on the type of energy that I am charging this stone with, it can take either a day, an hour, or a week depending on what I’m trying to do.

When doing certain spells, I find that the energy that I raised sometimes needs an extra booster. And if it’s an in-depth ritual that actually calls for a circle, I will take a highly-charged quartz crystal, or maybe an amethyst, into the circle with me along with a hammer and a cement block.
At the climax of the ritual, as the energy is being released to the universe, I will smash that Crystal and release the energy trapped within, giving a boost to the energy I’ve already released.

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Personally, unless you need to defend yourself, keep warm or nourish yourself then you don’t need to sacrifice an animal - you may be better giving a potential for life ie an egg.

You are not a weaker magician because you don’t go off and kill a lamb or tiger - you are a weaker magician if you think that killing either makes up for the shortfall in your abilities and lack of self discipline in other areas.


I have an idea I have a crystal in water I want the Energy of the Demons like Azazel and Belial to fuel me up I cannot achieve possesion I wanted but I might not be ready so my idea is this I place their sigil on the jar with the water and christal inside and pray what do you think


Plus, slaughtering animal generates a certain type of energy. If you’re trying to do a spell working that involves something positive, the fear and Terror of the animal that’s being sacrificed is going to contaminate the results.


That is a very simple type of magic, if you’re trying to get a type of energetic supercharged, take the crystal, put it in the water, leave it in the Moonlight overnight, and every morning, and drink the water. Rinse and repeat, literally.

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I thought of that but I dont know I will post something from ahriman that I still remember

This is on the forum from another magitian 3333333333

Ahriman taught me the supreme importance of blood in Magick. He views this world as totally static and completely material. That there is no magick here. All that you can do here no matter what forces or rituals you use will simply be using and affecting that which already exists, the current world. but the moment you use blood the gateway is openned and energy apears. In the magickless solid motionless created immutable static world of ahura mazda an insurrection happens a gate is opened and vortex appears. that power being the only force outside of this world the only force ouside the creation of ahura mazda of that which already is is the only force therefore capable of affecting this world. That the first act of magick is not focusing on the self not entering the needede states not or going trough the right motions or speaking the right words or whatever else but it is the opening of the gateway through blood. so that this immutable creation can move. so that it can be remade by it. for magick is not of this world. and because of this it also entirely does not depend upon our efforts to shift cosciousness or our selves. because magick is a force that is separate from this world which enters to affect it. it has its own laws and is a living entity. if we abide by these laws we shall succeed but if we do not and try to do things ourselves what will come will be ahuramazdic magic the magic of this world. this applies even to the use of the highest states of godhood and the most powerful techniques of man. just as the acousal realm is so very separate from this creation so is magick or rather the darkness separate. only it can affect this world as described above. And for this dark magick which is the true magick it is Ahriman’s will that as many know it and recount it AS ABSOLUTE LAW- THE IMPORTANCE OF BLOOD. AS IS POSSIBLE. IT IS BLOOD ALONE THAT OPENS THE GATE. notice that in here is not at all spoken that man is the gate or the magick or the power behind the magick it is man who opens the gate and is the servant to the magick. for as described before the kind that we use is merely affecting that which is and a part of that which is. but this magick iS BLACK MAGICK! LET THEREFORE EVERY ACT OF MAGICK BE ANNOINTED WITH BLOOD. IT IS BLOOD THAT IS THE MAGICK AND THE LIFE OF THE MAGICK. NOTHING ELSE IS. THE BLOOD AND THE DARKNESS.

I feel you, Mazda is a dick.