Blodeuwedd ❤️

So yesterday I was chatting with Blodeuwedd over a glass of wine, one glass for me and One for her, i gave her flowers that I picked myself from around my neighborhood. I was asking her if I she could help me forge my own destiny I talked to her for about an hour . I really felt her presence, I flipped a nickel to get yes and no answers from her . At first I tried to use a penny divination but i don’t think she liked it bc everytime I flipped the penny it would fall on the floor or disappear somewhere. Soooooo Blodeuwedd aka flower face is showing me that she is with me .

I am currently at my dads house right now and apparently my grandpa left a present for me which was this bracelet and I’m positive that the owl on it is Blodeuwedd reassuring me that she is by my side!! I’m so happy :grin::heart:


Too cool :slight_smile:


here’s a better picture of her :heart: