I agree with Mr. Ragnarson :slight_smile:

Hagith is said to help one attract love into one’s life as well.

She’s mentioned in the Arbatel of Magic, as well as Konstantino’s Summoning Spirit’s book.

She has a nice energy when I’ve evoked her in the past for general Venusian qualities.

She is a spirit of Venus and she was recommended to me recently, to ask for a suitable spirit lover.

Also I know for myself there is definitely subconscious blocks which caused me to always pick the wrong type of woman in the past, so things never lasted.

Perhaps some internal digging may bring up something that’s causing the block?


I’m MGTOW solo. That stuff don’t bother me no more, but I remember. I lived through when my hormones overrode all considerations. Get to know Naamah. I think there’s an evocation somewhere on the boards. If you can get yourself some Damiana, overdose on that for faster results.

At sex shops and I’m sure online you can get synthetic hormone aftershave attractant. This stuff works. Been there. Done that. Best to get a few different types and experiment.