Blocks and magick

Yes, i feel they are an obstacle to overcome if ones to be really efficient in this area. Ive overcome some but not all. Wich makes my advancement slower. Im working with yoga as Seems ideal to disolve’em.

Shamas have crysis wich allow’em grow more and more. What ate your experiences on this subject?

What kind of blocks are you referring to Yoga? Spiritual, mental, emotional?

Emotional blocks

EFT by Gary Craig is supposed to be excellent for emotional blocks, but I have yet to try it.

EFT takes care of the blocks in the Pranic body, and it’s a huge amount of work to identify the fears, their causes and what not, in my experience.
I also found Yoga to be most effective for releasing blocks, cause you can actually target and work on the different levels of your being. Hatha Yoga releases blocks in the physical body, Pranayam helps releasing blocks in the Pranic body, as well as Kriya Yoga. Of course there’s more to it, and of course the healing of blocks in one body affects other bodies. But to sum it all up, yeah, I found Yoga to be extremely effective.

Thanks RedIce, the ‘identifying fears and causes’ also seemed like an almost impossible task to me, as most people (including me) are very good at lying to themselves. EFT apparently has a high succes rate, but I can’t bring myself to sit down and start writing everything that bugs me. I do kundalini yoga and yin yoga and they give me relief. Can you recommend any hatha and kriya yoga exercises or websites?

For free online classes check this one ou:

As far as philosophy and theory goes, this man is very awesome:
Dimension Beyond the Physical - Sadhguru