Blocks and astral travel

Blocked chakras can affect it am i right?

As can your diet, your physical location, and the arrangement of the stars.

In my experience everything is secondary to the mental state required to perform such magickal acts.

However, soul travel has happened in a much more random manner to me, so I might not be able to be as specific as you want…

Which chakas need to be cleansed, is probably just as important as the idea that they need to be cleansed at all. What chakras are we talking about, and how do these non-functioning, imbalanced, stagnant, or overactive energy centers stop astral projection in your mind?

Best of Luck,
-Frater Apotheosis

Frater is correct.

For some reason this reminded me about how I learned to remember my dreams on command as a kid. There weren’t that many kid’s shows on TV back in the day, but I will never forget that the ‘show’ -which lasted only half an hour- always ended with a greying man seated in some kind of cardboard puppetry theater box with crimson curtains. He told a little fantasy story and then ended it with: “Now have nice dreams tonight and if you want to remember your dreams in the morning, just say “I will remember my dream in the morning” right before you go to bed. Say it three times out loud and it will be so. Sleep tight children.”

Worked like a charm. I don’t know who the guy was and it’s virtually impossible to find out now, but I’m inclined to think he may have been a closet occultist. Sure beats the hell out of the Teletubbies!

Like Frater already indicated, your mental mindset and belief that you can do something is the most important. Even though other factors can be of influence. I believe Robert Bruce has some techniques in Astral Dynamics that deal with ‘stuck bodyparts’ etc. if that’s what you were referring to?

Thanks for your replies, I’m sure I have some block in the solar plexus or heart chakra, I’ve been able to open it through meditation sometimes but not fully even the experiences were incredible, and since then my meditations plus “astral succesful bilocations” increased.