Blocking yourself

How the fuck is it even possible to do that??
Azazel and others keep telling me that im blocking myself, and i keep asking “how” and they dont be specific.

Does this have to do with the subconscious mind/belief bullshit?
Or what?

How is it possible to block yourself from doing simple energy work for example?

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The block, is it an emotional one?

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It feels totally magical or mental in nature

Maybe you unintentionally bound yourself? :thinking:

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Self imposed jinx, not dealing with emotional or mental landmines, physical issues that can arise, causing an energetic short through over excertion. There is all kinds of stuff that can have you in your own way.


I read this and suddenly got an image of you attacking aggressively. Attacking your goals, ambitions, wants and wills. Just going full force and truly applying yourself in your endeavors…
But then the view changed, and those things you were throwing yourself at full force, were you.
You were crashing, and you were crashing into yourself.
It was like you were looking into a mirror, but didn’t realize it, because all you could see was the reflection of the thing you wanted. So you went to pounce on it, but were only met by yourself coming back at you full force.
You didn’t realize all you wanted, was already yours.
Its already yours.

That’s what I got anyways. It was weird I wasnt expecting to get a vision like that. Azazel had just taught me something similar earlier this week.


Damn thats deep.
Hail @rin, the Spirit of Knowledge and Insight :metal:


Thank you so much @rin
I feel something for me too, like the message also works in my situation.


Blockning yourself is something I used to hear a lot and still do at times. It can mean many things, in my case it meant I wasn’t thinking I were capeable or had developed enough to complete a task a spirit f.e asked of me or I was at times over thinking a task, and therefore wondered if I were doing the right motions, channeling correct information, etc. in short: self doubt - very common.

Another meaning it can have other than the above taking the said words of a spirit or a task at face value or looking to closely at details, therefore missing the real lesson or point of an exercise or task.

@Micah this can be related to energy work and any other discipline as well. In your case don’t overthink simply do the exercises and not think so much about how and why you do them and instead focus or rather de-focus and allow yourself to become one with the exercise until it’s not something consciously done but constantly embodied.

Azazel and the like can appear cryptic but their words coal covered diamonds once you understand what they are tying to teach.

If it’s Spiritual attack I got a minor ritual I can PM you about.

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@Micah @Epsilon_The_Imperial I’m glad it helps… actually in the middle of typing that I finally understood what he was trying to tell me…
I wouldn’t have understood if I hadn’t read this post and gotten that vision. So thanks @Micah.


Here, I made this for the purpose of freeing up yourself. Breaking down barriers/walls in your mind and casting aside weaknesses and attackers.

Ask Azazel if you are skeptical about it and see what he says.