Blocking bad genetics

I was recently diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes and the doctors have told me that is was heridetery and that with my lifestyle, it should have never kicked in. Please tell me one of you have managed to Heal it?

Anyway I want to know if it’s possible to block out any other bad genetics like this such as say cancer or high blood pressure and if so how?

Thanks in advance

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If I remember it correctly Type 1 Diabetes occurs when your immune system destroys the cels that produce insuline and this can be due to genetic factors. Although this disease still counts as not curable, if you can do something to stop your immune system destroying these cells, that would be the key to improve your situation, wouldn’t it. It won’t hurt if you start working with a healing entity such as Raphael or Marbas, at least try, right?

Also, this is a really interesting read for your last question:


Sorry for the late reply

You’re a 100% right about it. I am considering invoking a peace deity to help make peace between the cells but am scared to an extent

Thank you that was an interesting read!

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Have you read Taylor Ellwood’s book Inner Alchemy? It discusses using magical techniques to affect and alter the body. He removed his genetic predisposition for depression, and altered the DNA of his hair to augment the colour using the things he talks about.

It might be worth looking into if you haven’t.


This is exactly what I’m looking for thanks!

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You can reverse it. There is a documentary called simply raw where they cure a bunch of peoples diabetes in 30 days by going on a raw food diet. Most of the them were off their medication in a week.

I recommend fresh green smoothies. They are super easy and practical… affordable too. The easiest way I’ve done is a big smoothie for breakfast, big smoothie for dinner and what ever you want to eat for lunch. If you get hungry just have another smoothie.

My basic smoothie is baby spinach, flaxseed, hemp seed, banana and water. I also throw in some superfoods but it’s not important. The important thing is getting started drinking smoothies and working on getting off matrix food.

I’m not a doctor, just thought I’d say that but smoothies helped me out in so many ways.

Probably a good idea to join some raw food groups and check out some green smoothie before and after stories.

Fresh green smoothies are the best thing ever… they are a cheat code for your health

Again, I’m not a doctor…

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I’ve heard that it helped with type 1 too.

Gonna be having a ton of green smoothies just can’t eat much banana

Please check with an actual nutritionist, not someone who plays one on the internet, before making any major changes to your diet. Raw food diets have been shown to be good for short term improvements in health and weight loss, but have been known to cause problems in the long term due to the lack of certain vitamins, and minerals that are necessary for bodily functioning.

In my personal opinion, you should stay away from any raw food groups on the internet as they are rife with bad information, misinformation, and fanatics who are closed to any evidence to the contrary of their opinions. Diabetes can be a life threatening condition if it is not properly monitored, so I would highly recommend seeing a qualified professional before betting your life on green smoothies.


Currently with a doctor and nutritionist and am going to be on insulin as well as a diet while practicing Magick healing. I appreciate your concern a lot though


That is fantastic. It does my heart good to see someone using their brain in the occult. There is a lot of garbage spewed in New Age health circles that is downright dangerous, and has zero scientific or experimental merit beyond the anecdotal. Your physical health is important to your spiritual health, and you should want to use all the information available, including “mainstream” biological science.

Good luck, my friend.


Exactly! Doctors and scientists are not our enemy. No, they may not always be correct, but they certainly know some stuff. :wink:


Much appreciated!

I think energy healing and magick healing can be 100% Effective if used by someone who knows how to do it. I managed to deal with my Wisdom Teeth with Lady Eva’s technique but I didn’t catch my diabetes early enough and now know that medicine is necessary.

Majority are really good people.


Honestly, I would refrain from panacea promises like this.
The herbs you mentioned are all healthy and good, and you’re right, stay away from processed food as much as you can, but the perfect diet for all does not exist. Your body might react to oregano in a different way than someone else.


evoke Raphael, speak to him about this

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I got in contact with an Ancestral God. I am working with a total of 4 deities on this for various purposes

While I’m aiming to be cured, I’m willing to at least get this manageable. Considering creating a servitor to stabilize my sugars.

I still wanna be an athlete. Just gonna be harder now if I can’t fix this.