Blocked from projecting

So. I’ve been having a hard time astral projecting. I have yet to do so. I have gotten as far as to where I start vibrating and my ears start ringing so very loud. But each time I fail to leave my body because I wake up. I don’t worry about it, I just keep trying. Well today I got to that state once again and started using the rope technique to pull my self out.
This time I felt as if something was blocking me. It was as if I was being suppressed. It was so strong that I could not visualize anything. It all went black again.
I ask those who regularly astral project, are you experiencing the difficulty of late?
Thank you

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Astral projection is incredibly hard to do without training in certain prerequisite skills and training your astral senses while still in the body. I recommend you start with mental projection and working on remote viewing. This sets you up to be able to more easily accept leaving your body and wears down the natural mental blocks. Initiation into Hermetics by Franz Bardon does a good job of instructing in how to perform mental projection and work on your astral senses through elemental magick. Now it does not do as good a job in providing instructions for Astral projection but everything else is good. I found looking into Taoist methods of projection and Robert Bruce’s Astral Dynamics works well to get that last step once you have gotten your senses and mental projection down.


If remote viewing and mental projection are same then isn’t in remote viewing a part of the 5 senses also going there, other wise no new info will come in as one needs the sense organs to get new unknown info. Though not in it’s entirety as happens in astral projection? And as far as I know the 5 senses are the biggest part of astral body. In remote viewing they just don’t leave in it’s entirety ( the conscious part of the astral body )like in astral projection? Or is my definition of astral body wrong here?


I use this technique. You need to focus on one thing “the ringing” make it as loud as you can, so its the only thing that exists. Then the vibrations come. Keep listning and making it as loud as you can. The vibrations will quicken and push you out of your body. No visual blocks. All feeling.


You don’t have sense organs in the mental or astral bodies. You have the concept and forms of them for the physical body but you are not sensing physical information but rather in the astral you sense the energetic structure which your mind then interprets to make sense to you and mentally you sense the base level information of an object that you then interpret into concepts and other information you can understand.

Think of it like computers and games. The physical plane is the fully rendered playable game and easy to interpret what you see. The astral is the underlying code such as say java for minecraft and that if you know a bit about the code can easily be interpreted and understood for the images and things or represents. Then on the bare information and computer level that is the binary code for the game and its programming language is the mental realm with pure information of 1s and 0s that computers communicate with. Luckily you are a computer as well you are just not use to those faculties but can interpret the binary perfectly well enough with practice. That analogy kinda conveys the point.


Ok, then How you would you differentiate between Mind and mental body?

And the game analogy, if that’s the case then it would seem one would need abnormal awareness of one’s higher body, higher energy-information structure of existence to interact with them. Again using what would one interact with? if the sense organs aren’t there.

Hmmm, Seems a bit too advanced. I do get that Higher Divine bodies way above the astral body also have sense organs of their kind but the 5 sense organs and mind with it’s window of number and Geometry is essential to make any kind of interaction with higher realm’s being.

Don’t know , I may be completely wrong here. It’s hard to conceptualize things without this basic faculties.

You don’t need five sense organs. Think about how the physical senses work. They work by interpreting physical information which at its base is nothing but information and energy programming the information. That means you would need only to sense the energy and break it down to what senses it would physically manifest as which would take only one sense organ which would be your astral body or mind. All you are doing is picking up information and translating it. Furthermore on a subconscious level you are constantly doing this only your conscious attention is on the physical senses so you already know the language you only have to get your conscious mind to understand that and train the skill of focusing on it.
Everytime you use your imagination you are using the mental language. Whenever you cast a spell for energetic or physical changes you use the mental and astral language effectively you just don’t consciously realize that is what you are doing and the further out you go the more alien it gets until you need to train your conscious mind to accept new levels of information like if you suddenly decided to learn quantum physics. It is in a language you understand but a strange complex terminology you have to come to terms with the further from the nearby planes you go.