Blockage or Imbalance in my head - Help!

Long story short.
In the end of 2017 or in the beginning of 2018 I was sealed by three deities. This made me unable to think or imagine. I had an astralprojection method which works now not anymore through the sealing, too.

I could “turn” my consciousness out of my body by a mental move. I am now only able to do the mental move but with no effect for AP.

What could be imbalanced in my head now?
What could be “broken”?

Is here anybody able to scan this for me?

I need help.
The sealing was so unfair.
It destroyed more than it helped.
The only positive residual aspect of the sealing is that I’m now able to keep thought silence as long as I want. Maybe this is a fact for soluting the problem?

Pls help me.

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Try iodine supplement be careful tho

Can you tell me more?
How is it supposed to work?

:dizzy_face: I have been thinking about your issue and thought maybe you could use some supplements too! Like galantamin :woman_shrugging: it helps me when I get foggy dreams! Also mugwart seems to activate my energies for smooth lift-off! I don’t depend on them but they help when I feel like i can’t do it on my own!
Also have you tried doing any work to remove the seal?
Any entity you are comfortable with should be able to help! I definitely suggest Hecate since she’s the Goddess of the crossroads! If you are blocked from the astral she can open it for you!

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Thank you for your contribution.
I’m constantly brooding over the issue.

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