I have a girlfriend that is a devout Christian. I honestly dont have the heart to tell her my chosen path because it would be some exorcism shit going down…lol.
She texted me today to see how I was doing, and I was honest with her and told her today was a bad day(another post for another day). She decided to get some of her “sisters” to do a Zoom call for prayer,encouragement, and all that other stuff. Lol…when they were praying, I was reciting Lucifers enn(sssshhhhh)
One of ladies on the call wanted to “sow a seed” of money…of course I’m like No…im good. But she was persistent and she transfered the money. I was just speaking to Lucifer about my financials earlier…
My question is this: will Lucifer gives blessings thru Christians?

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As a person who came to know Jesus because of the demons, I would say that yes, that can happen, it’s not like that there is a war out there. It is just that Christians in general are more unaware of these things

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Spirits will work through anyone to grand you what you ask, Christian or not.